How to Watch Live Streaming Content on an Amazon Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV has now become very popular among the people due to its varied features. The product has a lot of features such as establishing the connection with the Alexa and the echo devices. People can now easily watch their favorite live TV channels. Here is how you can easily watch the live channel media content on your Amazon Fire TV by following the below steps

For the users to experience watching the live streaming content, they must ensure that the ‘Digital Antenna’ is connected to the Amazon Fire TV. The user must connect the digital antenna to the port at the back of the Amazon Fire TV using a coaxial cable.

Step 2
The user must press the ‘Home’ button for a specific amount of time say a few seconds. By doing this, the user will be able to see the home screen with a lot of options getting displayed on the Amazon Frie TV.

Step 3
The user must now scroll right through the various settings options and select the ‘Inputs’ option to see all the input-related settings.

Step 4
Now from the list of the available inputs for the Amazon Fire TV, the user must select the ‘Antenna’ to watch the live streaming content on the Amazon Fire TV.

Step 5
The users can now scan to search for the available live channels. This can be done by pressing the ‘Yes’ button and if you want to search only the cable channels then ensure the cable channels checkbox is checked.

Step 6
The scanning process for the channels will be taking place and the number of channels found will also be displayed.

You will get a confirmation when the channel scan is complete with the count of the number of channels being displayed. Once finished, you need to press the ‘Done’ button or press ‘Rescan’ if you want to search for channels again.

Step 7
To see the available live channels, you need to go to the home screen and look into the ‘On Now’ sections to view the live channels available.
Step 8
To go the next live channel available easily you just need to press the ‘Lower’ button as shown. Similarly, you can also use the channel guide option form settings to customize and know more about the local live channels.

You will now be able to watch the live streaming content easily on your Amazon Fire TV.

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