I Don’t Want System Audio to Be Recorded in MS PowerPoint

Although MS PowerPoint is a full-fledged presentation program that is installed along with the MS Office 2013, it is also capable of recording the audio signals with the help of Camtasia add-in that is automatically integrated with the program as soon as the Camtasia program is installed on the computer.

Once Camtasia is installed, and the Camtasia add-in is integrated in MS PowerPoint, the MS PowerPoint becomes capable of recording the presentations as video files. Along with this, the MS PowerPoint also starts allowing the users to use their microphones to record their voices in order to provide the voice-overs or background narrations wherever required.

Camtasia add-in that the MS PowerPoint has works like a boon for the professionals. However, due to its default configuration, the add-in also captures the system audio when the recording is turned on. For many users, it is quite normal to have the system audio recorded during the video creation process. On the other hand, there might be instances when users do not want the system audio to become audible while going through a video file. This can be the case when a video file is prepared for promotions or presentations.

Whatsoever the reason may be, in case you do not want the Camtasia add-in to record the system audio during the recording process, you can disable the feature by following the steps given below:

    ■Log on to the computer using any account.

    ■Make sure that Camtasia is installed on the computer.

    ■Make sure that MS Office 2013 is installed on the computer, and the MS PowerPoint program is
    installed along with it.

    ■Initialize the MS PowerPoint program.

    ■Open any existing presentation file, or create a new one.

    ■On the opened interface, go to the ADD-INS tab.

    ■From the Custom Toolbars section, click the Camtasia Studio: Camtasia Studio recording options icon.


    ■On the opened Camtasia Studio Add-in Options box, under the Video and Audio section, uncheck the Capture system audio checkbox.


    ■Once done, click OK to save the changes.

    ■If required, close and reopen MS PowerPoint to allow the changes to take effect.

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