I Want HIDOWNLOAD to Download At Least Five Files at a Time

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Apr 25, 2013
When talking about HIDOWNLOAD, it is not the recommended setting that you are looking for. Since the application is quite smart, it consumes maximum amount of Internet bandwidth while downloading the files. By default HIDOWNLOAD is configured to perform maximum of two simultaneous downloads at a given time. If you want your instance of the HIDOWNLOAD application to download at least five (or even more than five) files simultaneously, you better be sure that you have decent Internet speed. If your Internet speed is limited, increasing the simultaneous downloads limit may result in completely non-responsive and eaten up Internet connection.

Although increasing the default numbers of simultaneous downloads in HIDOWNLOAD application is easy, making such modification might also require additional processing and memory. In case you are running your version of Windows on a legacy computer, putting more load on the processor and the memory, along with the network adapter just to download multiple files simultaneously from the Internet might give you completely unsatisfactory user experience with your computer.

On the other hand, if you have good Internet connection speed, and want to download multiple files in a single go, you can configure your instance of HIDOWNLOAD application accordingly. The process of configuring the program to download multiple files (more than two, and up to 5 as per this tutorial) simultaneously, you must follow the steps given below:

    ■Using the administrator account, log on to the computer on which you want to modify the default HIDOWNLOAD settings.

    ■After logging on, right-click HIDOWNLOAD icon from the notification area present at the bottom right corner of the screen.

    ■From the displayed context menu, choose Options.

    ■On the opened Options box, from the left pane, click to select Connections category.

    ■From the right pane, under the Limit section, increase the number from 2 to 5 in the Maximum simultaneous tasks field.

    ■Once done, click OK to save the changes that you have made.

    ■Restart the HIDOWNLOAD application to allow the changes to take effect.

    ■If the modified settings are still not reflected, restart the computer and then try again.

Not open for further replies.
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