Import My Contacts from Outlook to LinkedIn

Apart from importing your contacts from your LinkedIn associated email and other email addresses, LinkedIn also allows you to import your contacts from Outlook.

Since Outlook is one of the most popular and widely used email clients, a large number of corporate and home users configure Outlook with their regular email accounts in order to simplify their mailing experiences. Talking the success of Outlook into consideration, LinkedIn allows you to import your Outlook contacts as connections.

When you import your Outlook contacts to LinkedIn, all the imported contacts receive your LinkedIn invitation via an email that is automatically generated and sent to them on your behalf. Your imported contacts can then accept or deny your invitation to join LinkedIn as per their personal choices.

Here’s how you can import your Outlook contacts to your LinkedIn profile:

    ■Turn on your computer system.
    ■Open your favorite web browser.
    ■Type in the address bar, and press Enter to open the LinkedIn website.
    ■If you are not already logged-in, provide your login credentials in the appropriate fields, and click the Sign In button.

    ■On the Home page, hover mouse over the Connections menu from the menu bar at the top.
    ■Click the Add Connections option from displayed list.

    ■On the next page, click the Outlook button at the top.
    ■Once done, populate the available fields with the accurate details.
    ■Finally, click the Continue button and follow the on-screen instructions to import the Outlook contacts to LinkedIn.