Install Google Now on Your Pebble

Google Now is an assistant for Android devices. That being said, if you are an iOS fan and use Pebble smartwatch, you may still want to install Google Now on your Pebble in order to receive the notifications right on your watch itself.

To install Google Now on your Pebble watch, the watch must be connected to an Android smartphone and the Pebble Notifier app must be installed on the phone. Once the app is installed on the phone and the phone is paired with the Pebble smartwatch, here is how you can install Google Now on your watch:

    ■Turn on your Android smartphone by pressing the Power button.
    ■Tap the Play Store icon from the Menu screen to launch Google Play Store.

    ■When opened, search and install the Pebble Notifier app on the smartphone.

    ■Once installed, tap OPEN to launch the app and go through the instructions to set it up for use.

    ■After setting up, when you are on the Pebble Notifier interface, tap the Mode drop-down list and select Include ONLY selected apps.

    ■From the displayed apps, locate and check the Google Search checkbox.

    ■Once done, tap the More icon (icon with the three vertical dots) from the top-right corner.
    ■From the displayed list, tap Save to allow the changes to take effect and exit the window.

    ■If you have configured your devices correctly, you will start receiving the Google Now notifications right on your paired Pebble watch.