Jawbone Up24 is Blinking and Flashing; Won’t Work

The Jawbone Up24 is a popular, sleek fitness tracker that you can wear around your wrist. The Jawbone can sync to your smartphone and will track your sleep. However, like other new technologies, the Jawbone might malfunction at times.
One problem some people have reported is an array of colored lights flashing on the wristband, resulting in the Jawbone not working. Performing a soft reset and contacting customer service could help solve this issue.


Step 1: Recognize that the flashing lights are actually a malfunction. The Sun and Moon lights on the Up24 do flash for certain reasons — a low battery warning, a syncing notification, etc. But when the lights are constantly both flashing, then something went haywire with the device.

Step 2: Perform a soft reset on the Jawbone. Plug your USB cable into your computer and press and hold the button on the end of your band. Keep pressing the button as you plug the band into the USB cable. When the lights flash a rainbow color, release the button.

Step 3: Sync your band to complete the process. The soft reset will not result in any of your data being lost.

Step 4: If the soft reset fails, contact Jawbone Customer Support.

Recap: The Jawbone Up24 is a great fitness tracker for those who don’t want to wear a bulky wristwatch, but at times it does run into problems with the lights. Remain patient and perform a soft reset before calling Customer Support.