Media File Context Menus Do Not Have ‘Play in Winamp’ Option

Winamp is a very powerful media player. As soon as it is installed on a computer, it automatically associates all the media file extensions with it. Because of this, all the media files that the computer has start showing the Winamp icon when they are viewed in the Windows Explorer.

Since all the supported media file types automatically get associated with Winamp, Winamp automatically becomes their default media player. This means that every time any media file is double-clicked, by default it opens in the Winamp player, and the Winamp player starts playing the file. This behavior is applicable on both audio and video files.

Just like, you are required to double-click the file in order to play it in the Winamp player, you can also right click any of the supported media files, and can click the Play in Winamp option that is available in the context menu.

All the above scenarios can be seen under the normal circumstances. However, as the title of this tutorial says, if the Play in Winamp option is unavailable in the media file context menu, it means that even though the media file type is still associated with the Winamp player, Winamp is not used as the default player for that particular media file type. In this situation, even if you try to double-click the file, Microsoft Windows displays the ‘Open with’ box from where you can select the player of your choice. (You can even select the Winamp player from the ‘Open with’ box.).

In order to rectify the above issue, and get the Play in Winamp option back in the media file context menus, the steps must be followed exactly the way they are given below:

    ■Log on to the computer using administrator account.

    ■Initialize the Winamp layer by double-clicking its icon.

    ■From the opened interface, go to the Options menu from the menu bar.

    ■From the displayed list, go to the Preferences option.

    ■On the opened Winamp Preferences box, from the left pane, click to select the Shell Options from the File Types tree.

    ■On the right pane, from the File Context Menu list under the Windows Explorer Menu Control section, click to select the Play in Winamp option.

    ■On the displayed User Account Control confirmation box, click the Yes button to provide your consent and to commit the changes.

    ■Once done, click the Close button to close the opened Winamp Preferences box.

    ■After making the above modifications, try right-clicking any of the available media files on the computer. You should now be able to see the Play in Winamp option in the context menu.

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