MS Outlook 2013 Trash Automatically Empties On Exit

MS Outlook is a personal information management application, which is mainly used as an e-mail client program. MS Outlook contains information which requires proper management.

MS Outlook contains information, some of which are not of any concern to you, and you move this data to the trash folder on your Outlook. The presence of this information is also not necessarily required since this data may not be considered useful. Outlook’s trashed files should be removed so that they may not cause any disturbance in information management.

Sometimes while you are using the outlook program you may have observed that the data inside the trash folder is deleted without your actions. Trash data does not contain any sensitive data by manner but accidentally some useful information may be moved to the trash folder. If the trash folder is cleaned without any prompt, this useful data may also get removed from the system, hence causing inconvenience and consequences.

By default the Outlooks settings are not to delete trash data automatically, but if the settings are changed, they can cause issues. Therefore, in order to revert the changes back to default, you need to follow the below described procedure:

    ■Initialize MS Outlook from the Start menu.

    ■ On the interface, select FILE from the menu bar.

    ■On the Outlook’s Info page, select Options from the left pane of the window.


    ■On the Outlook Options window that opens up, select Advanced from the categories in the left.


    ■From the right pane, under the Outlook start and exit section, click and unmark the Empty Deleted Items folder when exiting Outlook section.


    ■Once you are done, hit OK to save the changes.

Once you follow the above steps, the issue that the trash data is automatically deleted on exit will be resolved. The data and information inside the trash folder of Outlook will be preserved for further use and operations. Although you can leave even the previous settings intact if you are sure you would never deleted any important data whatsoever, default settings still add an additional layer of security to your important information.
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