Navigate Directions using Google Glass

The latest wearable technology that can help users with a variety of tasks is Google Glass. The technology is an optical head-mounted device that will provide results just like that of a smartphone. Users can have Google Glass navigate directions for them. Here is how to make that happen.

Step 1: Put Google Glass on. Google Glass fits like normal eyewear and is pretty easy to use.

Step 2: Tell Google Glass what you would like it to do. Your Google Glass technology is able to take pictures, record video, and do much more. In this case, you will tell it “Directions.”

Step 3: You must then tell Google Glass your destination. Speak your destination so that Google Glass hears you. After you do so, Google Glass will begin searching for the address and the directions from your current location.

Step 4: Follow the directions from your Google Glass device and arrive at your destination.

It is that simple. The Google Glass technology works with a variety of applications, including language translation and navigation. When using the technology for navigation, the results are provided to the user much like any other navigation device. Users can receive walking, biking, or driving directions and can select one of those options from within Google Glass.

Google Glass is relatively new and will continue to gain in popularity as the technology is updated and improved. Google now provides prescription frame choices for users as it sets out on a mission to produce a mass-market ubiquitous computer.