Netflix Error NW-2-5: Fix On PS3


Netflix is still kicking on the older systems and is barely
missing any of the new functions. But last generations PS3 is notorious for app
errors related to cache issues. To get around error NW-2-5, use the fixes in
this guide.

Restart The System

Restarting the system frees up a lot of resources. It also
gets rid of errors that may have been nagging the system since it was last
turned on.

1. Hold down the PS button on your controller.


2. Select the option to Turn Off The System.


3. Wait ten seconds and then press the PS button again to
turn it back on.


Restart The Home Network

Restarting the network is an easy way to refresh IP
information without messing with complex settings. During this step, any
connected device will lose connection to the internet. Devices in the middle of
downloading may suffer from corrupted data, so make sure that they are in an
idle state. Devices that are currently syncing to the cloud could also suffer a
similar data corruption fate.

1. Make sure the console is turned off and then unplug it
from the wall.


2. Unplug your modem.


3. Unplug your router.


4. Wait 30 seconds, and then plug everything in using the
following order: PS3, Modem and then Router.


5. Wait until all the indicator lights are set on the modem
or router. This usually takes between 1-3 minutes.


6. Turn the PS3 back on and try using Netflix again.


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