Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Not Responding Correctly - How to Fix

The Nintendo switch is a highly versatile, and innovative product. It is the only product in the market the offers the console type experience, while still keeping the portable factor in play. One minute you could be playing a multiplayer game, with your brother on the big screen, and at the very next moment, you can take the Nintendo switch with you, on the go. The usage of the device is only limited by your imagination. The device as versatile, as it is beautiful.

There is nothing to hate about this Device, except the plethora of software issues that have plagued the device, ever since the launch. A lot of people are becoming fed up with the number of issues that they have to resolve and fix to play the games. Bear in mind this is for the Pro Controllers.

What is Happening?

The Nintendo controller not connecting to the Nintendo switch is another major issue which a lot of people are reporting. The controller will randomly drop the connection, and will not reconnect at all. Buying a new console, or a new controller is expensive, and performing a hard reset may seem like the only option, but before doing a hard reset, you might want to check a few things out.

How to Solve the Issue

1. Check the battery level of the controller. Normally a controller on the low battery will drop signals. Make sure to charge the controller if necessary.

2. Also, you might be too far from the console, and that distance is causing the controller to drop signals randomly. Check also for any obstructions, between the controller and the console.

3. You must detach the Joy Con controllers from the console if you would like to use them while the console is in TV mode.

4. See that no other controllers are connected to the console. The official page list this as the way to disconnect the controller: Open System Settings from the Home Menu, then select Controllers and Sensors ⇒ Disconnect Controllers to disconnect all controllers and delete controller pairings.

5. You will also need to shut down, any device that may be obstructing the signal pathway between the controller and the console. The things that may be causing a disturbance include, but are not limited to Bluetooth devices, NFC in mobiles, wire fewer TV remotes. You need to make sure that such types of things are not near the console.

Carefully follow the steps above and make sure to double check before going on to do a hard reset.