Pairing Google Glass to a Bluetooth enabled phone

In order to effectively use Google Glass, it is necessary to sync the device with your MyGlass App. The MyGlass App can be purchased in the Google Play Store.

On your Android device, you can pair Google Glass to your phone by following the steps listed below.

Steps 1
Download the MyGlass App from the Play Store.

Step 2
Once you open the MyGlass App, click on the menu button, which is located at the top of your screen, and click “Device.”

Step 3
You will need to pair your device with Glass and select your Glass from the given list.

Step 4
Go to your Bluetooth settings and search for devices.

Step 5
There will be a confirmation code on your Glass that will need to be matched on your device in order for the two to be synced. This allows your Glass to be discoverable through your phone. Pair your devices by clicking the “pair” button

Congratulations! Your Android and Glass are now paired! Have fun with your super cool. Futuristic technology.

Recap: To pair Google Glass with your Android phone, download the MyGlass app and follow the instructions to install and sync your devices.