PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Duo Fighting Tips


PUBG is a game where there are 100 players released in a match and if you are playing duo then you will be up against 98 players which means 98 ways to die. So in that situation, it is imperative that you and your teammate understand how to deal with a situation that requires combat to get out. Therefore, below are some tips for fighting as Duo:
Plan Ahead:
The key to getting the advantage over the enemy in every fight is to know what you should do in certain situations. And to know what to do, you need to plan things with your teammate. You can plan ahead of time like when you are flying towards a building and you see other players are also going towards that area; you can discuss that with your partner about how you are going to take those people out, either through being silent, getting high ground and killing them or simply ambushing them.

Call out Enemies:
This is very important. When you are playing with a teammate, the key to good coordination is communication. So, if you see an enemy, you should always tell your teammate that you are seeing an enemy in the X direction. Although it is imperative that you tell the teammate where you saw the enemy, don’t be descriptive. This is where most of the players make a mistake, they start to explain everything and in that time, either the enemy gets away or start attacking. So just point out the direction and let your partner figure out the rest.

Stay on One Enemy:
If you and your partner do not stay focused on one enemy, you both may get killed or at least injured. This is because if you and your partner come across another duo, then it is best if you both focus on each enemy. If you just focus on one enemy and neglect the other, he will get the chance to attack freely on your guys and may even sneak a grenade near you. So it is imperative that you tell your teammate which one you are going for so he takes the other one.

Stay Ready for Second One:
Always remember that if you kill an enemy in a duo, its teammate will be nearby. So it is imperative that you keep an eye for the other one. Don’t just go ahead and start grabbing the loot of the dead enemy. Either wait for a few seconds or ask your teammate to give you cover while you are grabbing the loot from the enemy.

So if you have read the above-mentioned tips then you are good to go on the adventure of duo match with your partner. Just make sure to keep a solid communication and keep looking out for each other so you both survive longer.