Reduce Autosave Interval in MS Word 2013

Autosave is a new feature that has been introduced a few versions back in MS Word. With the help of autosave, the documents that you type are automatically saved in a temporary folder. In fact, the contents that you type in the document are saved in the cache of the system until you manually save the document.

By default, MS Word 2013 automatically saves the documents every 10 minutes. This default autosave interval is fine and works perfectly well in most cases. However, if you live in a place where the voltage fluctuates a lot or your UPS doesn’t work well, it is recommended that you should decrease the time duration between the two consecutive autosave intervals so that your files may get automatically cached within the temporary folder more frequently to prevent any accidental and unintentional data loss.

While modifying the autosave interval in MS Word 2013, you should keep a few things in mind. If you increase the time interval, it is likely that you will lose some of your data if you have frequent power failures or power cuts. On the other hand, if you reduce the autosave time interval, MS Word 2013 would consume more processing and memory and that too quite frequently. If you do not have a heavy processor, you may experience frequent instability in your system.

Once you are clear with the benefits and consequences of modifying the autosave time interval in MS Word 2013, you can now follow the steps discussed below in order to configure your instance of application to best fit your personal or professional needs:

    ■Log on to the computer using the account in whose profile you want to modify the MS Word 2013 settings.

    ■Open any existing MS Word 2013 document, or create a new one.

    ■On the opened interface, go to the FILES tab.

    ■From the displayed list, click Options.


    ■On the opened Word Options box, from the left pane, click to select Save option.

    ■From the right pane, ensure that the Save AutoRecovery information every checkbox is checked.

    ■In the available field, specify the desired time interval in minutes.


    ■Once done, click OK to save the changes.

    ■Restart MS Word 2013 program to allow the changes to take effect.

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