Rename Your Windows 8 Laptop

In order to rename your Windows 8 laptop, you must be logged in to the computer with the administrator account. Also, after you successfully change the name of the laptop, it must be restarted in order to allow the changes take effect.

Here is how a Windows 8 laptop can be renamed:

    ■Log on to Windows 8 computer with an administrator account.
    ■On the Start screen, click the Desktop tile.

    ■From the desktop window, click the File Explorer icon from the taskbar at the bottom.
    ■On the opened This PC window, from the navigation pane in the left, right-click This PC.
    ■From the displayed context menu, click Properties.

    ■Once the System window opens up, from the Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings section, click the Change settings link.

    ■On the opened System Properties box, ensure that you are on the Computer Name tab.
    ■From the displayed interface, click the Change button available next to the To rename this computer or change its domain or workgroup, click Change text.

    ■On the Computer Name/Domain Changes box, in the Computer name field, replace the existing computer name with a new one.
    ■Click OK to continue.

    ■On the information box that appears, click OK.

    ■Back on the System Properties box, click Close.

    ■On the Microsoft Windows box that appears next, click Restart Now to restart the computer.

    ■Once the laptop restarts, you can start using and configuring your Windows 8 operating system normally.