Request That A Deceased Family Member or Loved One's Profile Be Removed From LinkedIn

If a family members or a loved one that has passed away used a LinkedIn profile, it is important to let LinkedIn know about it. You may request the administration team remove the deceased’s profile from LinkedIn.

A couple of steps and a few documents are required to be sent to LinkedIn before the team finally takes the deceased member’s profile off the LinkedIn’s server.

    ■Open your favorite web browser.
    ■In the address bar type and press Enter.
    ■On the opened PowerForm Signer Information window, populate the fields with the correct values, and click Begin signing from the bottom.

    ■Open your email account to check for a verification code sent by LinkedIn.

    ■On LinkedIn’s Please enter the access code to view the document window, provide the verification code in the Access Code field, and click Validate.

    ■On the opened Request for Signature interface, check the I consent to use Electronics Records and Signature checkbox.
    ■Click Sign On Paper.

    Note: You can select any appropriate option as required.
    ■Once this is done, on the Sign on Paper window, click the appropriate option to submit the document. (E.g. Prefer to Upload the Document in this demonstration.)

    ■On the opened box, click to select the Save File radio button to save the document and click OK to continue.

    ■Once the file is downloaded, open the file, populate the fields with the correct values, and save the file for future use.

    ■Back on the opened Sign On Paper page, click Browse to browse and select the Verification_of_Death document that you saved in step 10.
    ■Once the document is added, click Complete to send the application to LinkedIn.

    ■Once done, wait until LinkedIn reviews the application and gets in touch with you for further steps to remove the account of the deceased.