Request Verification for Your Facebook Brand or Business Page

If you have created a brand or business page on Facebook, a verification badge will make your page look authentic.

Requesting a verification badge for your business or brand page requires you to fill out a brief form, and if possible, upload a logo for your business/brand. Once everything is place, you must submit the required information to Facebook. You will receive an email for confirmation/further directions.

Below are the steps to guide you through the entire process of requesting a verification badge for your Facebook business or brand page:

    ■Open your favorite web browser.
    ■If you are not already signed in, provide your login credentials in the appropriate fields and click Sign In.
    ■Once you are logged in, in the address bar, type and press Enter to go to the To Request a Verified Badge webpage.
    ■On the opened page, populate the fields with the correct values.
    ■Click Send to send the application form to Facebook for the verification of your brand/business page.

    ■On the opened Form submitted successfully popup box, click OKAY.

    ■Once you receive an email from Facebook, follow the instructions available within the mail to complete the verification process.