Stop Uploading Photos to iCloud Automatically In iOS 11

When you first set up your iOS device and associate it with your Apple ID, all the photos and videos are by default synced with your iCloud storage, i.e. the new photos and videos are automatically uploaded to the iCloud, and are downloaded on all your Apple devices that share the common ID.
Although this is the best way to access your media files from anywhere, the upload process consumes Internet bandwidth which is something many of you may not want, especially while on a metered network.
To address this, you can configure your iOS 11 device to stop uploading the videos and photos automatically to your iCloud storage.
Note: When you stop uploading the captured photos and videos, they remain on your device, and if removed from the library, they’re gone forever and for good.
Here’s how you can stop uploading photos and videos automatically to your iCloud storage:
    Get to the Photos’ settings window
    Tap Settings > Photos. This opens the Photos window that allows you to configure the settings related to the Photos app.


    Disable the toggle button
    Tap the iCloud Photo Library toggle button. This initiates the process and prompts you to choose how to treat the files that already exist in your iCloud space.

    Choose your option
    Tap either Download Photos & Videos or Remove from iPhone (selected in this demonstration). If you choose Download Photos & Videos, the photos on your iCloud storage would be downloaded to your device, and the Download and Keep Originals option would be automatically selected. As the result, the original – high resolution – version of the photos would be saved in your iPhone or iPad. On the other hand, tapping Remove from iPhone erases the photos that couldn’t/didn’t download completely, but would remain available on your other devices sharing the same Apple ID.

    Confirm your selection

Tap Remove from iPhone. This removes the photos that were unable to download from your iPhone, and disables the iCloud Photo Library toggle button.