Subscribe to iTunes Match

Most people would tell you that the future of music is accessibility over ownership, and that everything will eventually be streamed from the cloud instead of playing off your hard drive. Apple’s iTunes Match service, which backs up all of your iTunes music to the cloud, makes it possible to stream your music on any iOS device without actually storing it on that device. Use the steps below to subscribe for the service.

Step 1
Start by making sure that you are using the latest version of iTunes. This will minimize any errors that might arise during the backup process. You can download iTunes from Apple’s website.

Step 2
Launch iTunes, and then select the “Store” tab from the navigation bar at the very top of the page. From the “Store” dropdown menu, select “Turn On iTunes Match.” This action will open a specific iTunes Store page dedicated to the service.

Step 3
Click the blue button that says, “Subscribe for $24.99 per Year.” As you can see, the iTunes Match service is not free. You may be asked to login to your Apple ID account, or to verify/enter your billing information.

Step 4
Agree to the iTunes Match Terms & Conditions and the service will automatically scan your library and match songs to the cloud. Once the process finishes, click “Done.” Your music has been successfully backed up to the cloud!

If you have 25,000 songs or more in your collection, you won’t be allowed to use iTunes Match. For those with small or medium-sized music libraries, though, it’s a great way to store your music on the cloud, whether for mobile access or for backup.