Tell Cortana Your Favorite Locations

Microsoft introduced its personal assistant, Cortana, along with Windows 8.1. Cortana can do a lot of things, like remind you of an important event or recognize your favorite places. What's cool is that you don't have to wait for Cortana to learn your habits - you can input your favorite things and places manually. Here's how you tell Cortana your favorite locations.

1. Set Cortana up first for easy access. You can long press the search button and launch her in listening mode. But if you want the voice assistant mode, you can simply tap the search button. You can also pin it to the start Menu for easier access.

2. To tell Cortana your favorite location, launch the app and, once you're there, tap the three-line icon found at the top-right corner of the screen. This will open the Notebook.


3. Once the Notebook is launched, tap "Places" and the "Plus" sign. After that enter a place or address and tap the arrow key to go to the next step.


4. After that, go to the search results and tap the type of place or address you want. Choose what type of address it is and then create a nickname or alias to make it easier for you to set a reminder or remember the place. Once everything is finished, tap the "Save" icon.