The ultimate smart home guide for Pebble owners


The Pebble smartwatch is one of many wearables that help monitor more and more of our lives. If you own one of these devices and are looking to do more than just monitor your steps or alert you to incoming SMS, you’re in luck. Here is our ultimate smart home guide for Pebble owners. Get more out of your smart watch!

To make the most of your Pebble in your smart home you will obviously need the watch and a smart home system such as Nest or Philips Hue, a Wink hub or something else. For this guide, we’ll set up Philips Hue lights with your Pebble. This is where most people get their first taste of smart home technology so is the logical place to start.

Pebble control for smart home lighting
Philips Hue is one of the most popular and most established smart home products on the market. If you buy the starter kit it also comes as complete setup that can be run independently or integrated into a wider installation.

1. Insert a Philips Hue bulb into your lighting fixture and turn it on.
2. Connect the Philips Hue Bridge to the mains and to your wireless router with the Ethernet cable. Wait for all the lights to illuminate on the bridge.
3. Download the Hue app onto your smartphone.
4. Download the Huebble app onto your Pebble.
5. Connect your smartphone to your Wi-Fi network and open the Hue app. The app will search for and connect to the Bridge.
6. Follow the Hue setup wizard to pair the lights with the Bridge.
7. Set up scenes with the Hue app.
8. Use the Huebble app to implement those scenes.

The Huebble app cannot perform much configuration so the smartphone app does the heavy lifting. Once you have the Hue setup configured, open the Huebble app and either turn all on, off or select a scene.

You aren’t limited to just lighting if you’re a Pebble owner. More apps than ever are being developed for the wearable, such as Icontrol, Nest and others. Now you have an idea of how it all works, the rest is up to you!

For Apple fans, my ultimate Apple Watch smart home guide is just the ticket. Want to learn more about Philips Hue, check this out.
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