Tips and Tricks on the Best Roku Features People Don’t Know About

Do you have a Roku device? If you do, make sure you go through the manual to get the most out of it. Have you read the manual? Great! It is time to view a few tricks and tips that could help you. Roku devices have awesome features, and it is impossible to write about all of them. So plug in your Roku, read through the set up guide alongside this article, and you will find features you have never considered before.

1. Create a Personal screen saver
All Roku devices have three conventional screen savers. They are Bouncing Logo, Analogue Clock, and Roku Digital Clock. If you need to use any of them, tap ‘Settings’, ‘Screensaver’, and ‘Choose your Favorite’. You can also download preferred screensavers from the Roku Channel Store. If you live outside the United States, you can access the Roku Store through the web.
Another option to make a personal screensaver is using the photos from your smartphone. To access this, download the Roku app on your iOS or Android device. In the app, tap ‘Settings’, go to ‘Mobile Screensaver’, and choose from the multiple images.

2. Private listening
It is easy to get addicted to Roku devices. If you subscribe to Netflix, it evens gets worse. If you combine Netflix and Roku, you’ve already filled all your leisure time. If you love having fun at night, a Roku device is all you need. Night fun comes with its own challenges; not lack of sleep, but waking people up with a blaring TV. And if your kids love watching Sponge Bob Square Pants or similar, you might get fed up of listening to the same jokes all the time.
Solution – private listening. If you have a model supported by Roku, you can get it through the iOS app, Android app, or any other place if you are in a remote area. The models supported are the Roku Streaming Stick (Model 3600 and above), Roku Ultra, Roku Express, Roku 4, Roku Premiere+, Roku Premiere, and Roku Express+. All Roku TVs are also supported, including the one in your house. Shift to private listening whenever you want to enjoy your shows without disturbing everyone else.