Use Firefox To Stop Facebook From Spying On You


You may or may not know, but Facebook is virtually tracking you constantly. There isn’t much you can do about it, apart from completely stopping to use it.

Luckily, Firefox made a great solution - Facebook Container extension, helping you gain more control over your data on the social network. It basically isolates your identity and makes it harder for the social media giant to track your activity on other websites. Here is how you can set it up.

    ■ Since this is a Firefox extension, open the Firefox browser and in the address bar type and press Enter.

    ■ In the upper-left corner of the page, click on the Firefox link.


    ■ Now, click Extensions in the new menu, just below the one where you clicked the Firefox link.


    ■ In the right corner of the page, enter “facebook container” in the search bar.


    ■ Click on the Facebook Container in the search results (it should be the first result).


    ■ Next, click the + Add to Firefox button.


    ■ If the browser asks you for permission in a pop-up window, just click the Add button.


    ■ When you add the extension, type in the address bar and press Enter.

    ■ If you did everything correctly, you’ll see a blue line below the opened Facebook tab and at the end of the address bar, you’ll see an icon of a blue briefcase and the word “Facebook” next to it.


    ■ The extension may block you from logging into some sites through your Facebook account, but the hassle is worth it if you want more privacy.

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