Videos Always Open in Default Video Player Instead of Showing the Options to Select

By default Android devices display a list of all the available video players whenever you try to play a video file. From the available list of video players, when you pick any player of your choice. The Android operating system asks you if you want to use the selected video player app just for once, or if you want to set the selected app as default so that every time a video file is played, the selected app is used by default. In the latter condition, you are no longer prompted to choose any video player, as is the topic of this tutorial.

In order to resolve the issue, all you need to do is remove the association of the video files with the video player app that you set as default earlier.

Here is how you can configure your Android device to display a list of available video players instead of playing the video files using the default selected app:

    ■Press the power button to switch on your Android device.
    ■Tap the Menu icon to go to the apps list.

    ■From the app’s interface, tap Settings.

    ■Once the Settings window appears, under the DEVICE section, tap Apps.

    ■On the Apps interface, from the available apps list, tap to select the target Video Player that initializes by default whenever you play video on your Android phone. (MX Player in this demonstration.)

    ■On the App info window, under the LAUNCH BY DEFAULT section, tap the Clear defaults button to remove the association with the app.

    ■Once done, try playing any video file, and you will be displayed with the Complete action using box.

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