What to do if you forgot your Roku PIN


The Roku streaming player links you to your Roku account for purchasing various subscriptions to channels from the Roku Channel Store. A PIN is a Personalised Identification Number that can be created to avoid the purchase of items from your Roku Channel Store by unauthorised users. After the PIN has been confirmed, it must be correctly entered for authorizing transactions via your Roku Channel Store. Here’s how you can reset your Roku PIN.

1. Go to my.roku.com
Type ‘my.roku.com’ in the address bar of your browser and click enter. The page directs you to the official website of Roku which permits you to conduct various activities.

2. Sign in to your Roku account
Insert your User that is your E-mail ID and your password to sign in to your Roku account. The tab also has a ‘remember me’ and a ‘forgot password’ link. After signing in, you will towards the main menu. Go to My Account from there.

3. Select Update
Locate the PIN preference. Under the PIN you will find the update button which will give you three choices for updating. These choices are: Always require a PIN to make purchases and to add items from channel store, Always a PIN to make, A Pin is not required to make any or add any from channel store.

4. Verify PIN
If you chose the first two choices and didn’t have a then you’ll be asked to create a 4-digit PIN number in the PIN field. Then you have to select Verify PIN for confirming the 4-digit PIN number that you have entered.

5. Save Changes
Select ‘Save changes’ after you have entered your PIN and verified it. The new PIN is now registered and saved in your account.

Following these simple steps will help you to reset you Roku Account PIN. The Roku account PIN is an important document which needs to be carefully kept and should not be disclosed to any stranger or unauthorized person. Someone who has access to your Roku PIN might misuse it for their own selfish means, and this will create serious issues for you. A person who has your Roku account PIN gains access to your Roku channel and can purchase various items from the Roku Channel Store without your permission or knowledge.

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