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  1. LordVile

    Solved! Laptop buying help please

    Looking for laptops with these features: Must Haves: 1080p screen IPS or High refresh hopefully both At least a 1070 A true 4 core CPU with HT preferably. Must be understated, nothing overly gamery. Logos are fine even in RGB but no "racing stripes" etc Somewhat portable 16GB RAM minimum 256GB...
  2. B

    Solved! Help choosing Alienware Laptop

    Can someone help me out whats the difference between the R3 1070 and the R4 1070 OC Is it just that ones overclocked which i could do on the R3? Or is it a lot better performing for some reason i dont know as i dont understand well. Please help.
  3. D

    Laptop freezes and need hard restart to work again.

    Three weeks ago I bought a new Omen 17 inch laptop. It has a GTX 1070 and an i7 6700 HQ in it and has worked like a charm. But today, I was playing Mass Effect Andromeda and suddenly the computer froze. Mouse wouldn't move, no sound coming from the dialogue nothing. I tried alt-tabbing but...
  4. J

    Acer Predator 1070 artifacts help

    I bought my new Acer Predator G9 593 three days ago. It was working perfectly until It crashed and when i start it up it was showing artifacts. I update the bios and installed all the new drivers but it still shows the artifacts all over the screen, even on the bios. I've read about the 1070...
  5. Z

    Laptop gaming: i7-6700HQ + GTX 1070 OR wait for AMD releases?

    Hey guys! I'm looking into buying a gaming laptop (don't dare scolding me for it, mobility is really important for me, as I travel a lot) and targeted the ASUS ROG STRIX GL502VS (Intel i7-6700HQ + GTX 1070 8GB, 16GB DDR4, $1900 (Hu-EU) ). I'm looking forward to buy it in March, yet I'd first...
  6. M

    ALIENWARE 17 (880M) GPU Upgrade

    I have an ALIENWARE 17 (880M) variant and I'd like to upgrade my GPU. I wanted to know what the max gen NVidia card I can put in. Ideally I'd like to put a GTX 1060 MXM 3.0 card or maybe even a 1070. Thanks in advanced!
  7. Y

    Looking for 1070-1080 gaming laptop under 1 inch

    I am currently looking for a GTX 1070/1080, 17 inch or 15 inch gaming laptop, 1 inch or under in thickness, with 4 so-dimm ram slots (ddr4 64gb memory support), a 512GB-1TB SSD, a 1440P G-Sync or 4K G-Sync panel, and a i7-6700 or i7-6820 preferably. There is no price limit, and currently the...
  8. B

    laptop nvidia gtx 1070 vs 1060?

    Hi, I am going to buy a new laptop really soon and asus just released two that picked my atention. The asus gl502vs and the gl502vm. The only difference bettween them being the GPU. The vs model has a gtx 1070 while the vm has a gtx 1060. I'll use this laptop mainly for video editing in 4k...
  9. R

    Should I buy a laptop with a 970m or with a 1060?

    Hello guys I have an important question I am off to uni in september (actually 28th of august) but here in the netherlands the new 10series laptops are way more expensive then in the US for example I saw the exact same specs on an msi laptop that on newegg was 1799 USD but here (in the...