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    Solved! USB 3.0 port only works for 2.0 electronics

    One of my laptop's USB 3.0 ports seemed to have died, as it wouldn't detect my external hard drive (the drive powers up normally, it just isn't detected by Windows), though connecting it to another port worked fine. I tried the regular stuff - Disk Management didn't show it, deleting everything...
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    URGENT Need to extract data from a protected drive

    i need to extract data from my external hard drive. Its very important for me i need it urgently my hard drive creates a secret zone inside it which is password protected my hard drive is Maxtor 1tb it created a file inside it with a extension .msr i just wanted to know if in extract the data...
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    Cryptowall 3.0 - Two free files wont decrypt! - Shows a 404 error - Should I still pay the ransom?

    Cryptowall 3.0 Attack.
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    External Gpu express card problem, no Mini PCIE, USB 3.0

    Hi Everybody, I'm an Italian Guy from Turin. There are some problem with my external graphic card adaptor. I've bought a Pci express card riser 1x 16x whith Usb 3.0, but i can't use express card or mini pci-e, because i haven't an express card slot or i can't reach the wireless card. It's under...
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    Lenovo z710 usb 3.0 external hdd disconnecting.

    Hello, I'm new to this community and decided to post this here since I'm out of ideas. It's my Lenovo Z710 on Windows 10. After I replaced my HDD with a SSD I put it in an external container that supports USB 3.0 but when I plug it in it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting all the time...
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    Dell inspiron 1545 dvd drive usb 3.0

    I have a Dell inspiron 1545 and I wish to add usb 3.0 port using the dvd drive since I dont need it, would anyone know a way to add usb 3.0 in the dvd drive space. I wouldn't mind cutting a few hole in the dvd cover.