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  1. A

    How size is windows 10?

    I want inatall windows 10 in my laptop for more features and my work Now i am having a windows 8.1 plus i am a gamer so i need a good os My system info is I3 4405u Intel hd graphics 4400 extreme 4gb of ram 64x bit processer and os and system type And 1tb of hard disk space can i install it...
  2. Flashthepyro

    OpgenGL GSL support not working anymore?

    Hey all, So i got this old laptop (Acer Aspire 5630) of a friend of mine, he wanted a new OS on it (went from vista 32bit to 8.1 64) and disable all the not-needed stuff to have it run better. Anyway, It uses a Intel GMA 950 as GPU. Now i installed W8.1 i checked the specs, (the laptop is 64...
  3. C

    Can't find bluetooth on Asus X552LDV laptop

    So my friend asked me to put win8.1 on her Asus X552LDV laptop and after i installed it and the drivers from the attached CD, i couldn't find Bluetooth. she had to take her laptop, so i can only help her over the internet, but even when she downloaded and installed bluetooth drivers from the...
  4. C

    plz plz help me to install Graphics Drivers in Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B950 @ 2.10GHz for windows 8.1

    hi i just installed windows 8.1 on my laptop which has processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B950 @ 2.10GHz kindly help me to find its graphics driver for windows 8.1 i have asus laptop model: k53e
  5. R

    MorphVox Pro Dosent work with my mic

    Hi today i got this problem with MorphVox Pro i can't use my mic for the program anymore... It have been working like a sharm btu now it seems like it uses the pc to capture sound when it is supposed to use my mic.. might just be the setting i have been put wrong but plz help. I got a windows...
  6. D

    eight point one point stupid

    why in the ### would would you even allow anyone to attempt an upgrade to windows 8.1 wherein it wasn't factory installed?????? I have had nothing but headache and heartache with my three units two of which claim to b compatible and one of which claimed would only require some manual updating to...
  7. G

    Quick Question About Drivers

    Hello and good morning/evening/night Tom's Hardware Forums! I would like to make a quick question about drivers I just bought an NP8278-S from sagernotebooks (well, It's actually at my relative's house in USA and he'll send it to me later) when he set (set as past tense) windows 8.1 up he...
  8. D

    Lenovo Ideapad y510p Windows 8 problems or something else?

    I got a new Ideapad a few days ago and it's already giving me problems. It has 16GB ram and 24 SSD. Yesterday there were problems with connecting to the wifi, a problem I've had with a tablet on Windows 8 before. Today I was playing South Park on Steam, when after 2 hours of gameplay, the...