what does everyone else think about their current device upgrades to 8.1

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Oct 11, 2014
why in the ### would would you even allow anyone to attempt an upgrade to windows 8.1 wherein it wasn't factory installed?????? I have had nothing but headache and heartache with my three units two of which claim to b compatible and one of which claimed would only require some manual updating to BIOS and drivers…….###!!!!!! When Mac rolls out Yosemite next week its simple…… your computer can or cannot run the os none of this maybe or hopefully or probably ###. I thought that i would give Microsoft another try after an 8 year absence
but after probably 20 hours on the phone with "JIM" in New Deli and hours of painstaking updates and roll backs and compatibility tests I'm through I'm list these 3 notebooks to the first sucker that will gee me any thing ….they are wrap now and all have active 8.1 pro with media center….. what a waste of $$$ unless someone can shed some light on a simple solution that actually works????
HP 8440p (missing base system drivers ) intermittent bluetooth recognition. blank screen out of sleep,,,,theres more
Alienware MX11 R3 9False system detection . improper diagnostics, inability to update my nividia, blue screen, alien fx haywire
hp pavilion g7 (too much to list//.…..you know what don't even try I GIVE UP>>>>I will just use this as a rant rather than a request for help!!!!!!!UGH Mac….. I'm a common BACK

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More often than not, it has nothing to do with the OS. Microsoft can't be blamed for hardware vendors that don't release drivers that support windows 8 on old hardware. If the system has hardware new enough to support the OS, it generally works fine. Older systems "sometimes" work, sometimes it's a real pain in the ass. You should be complaining about OEM's that don't support their hardware when new platforms are released, not about a new OS not supporting OLD hardware as well as you would like.
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If this was a mac, you'd have it saying 'sorry, your machine is pretty new, but you can't update. And the old one is out of support'.

I've got three machines running 8.1, one updated from 8. I don't see the point with updating to 8 when I've already got 7...

Seven works fine on pretty much everything I've tried it one, with the expception of the iGPU drivers on an embedded board. Which is sort of a non-issue.