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  1. simptive

    Solved! USB Speakers working on PC but not on Charger

    I've bought Bluetooth speakers having 3.5mm jack. Recommend power supply is USB. Works with jack only if both Jack and USB connected to PC. If USB is connected to adapter (tried many), one of the stereo channel is replaced by noise. However Bluetooth input works fine in this case. Can you spot...
  2. M

    Solved! Thunderbolt to USB-C Printing Error [MacBook Pro]

    Hello Community! I recently acquired the new MacBook Pro (I've been using Apple for many years now and am accustomed to how they work, but this new MacBook I just got is the 2019 version, which means... Thunderbolt Ports. When purchasing I took into consideration that due to my line of work...
  3. nwgamelover

    "Digital Audio Out" only. Need compatible Headphone "fix"?

    I have a Sanyo 32 in Flatscreen but no headphone jack. I will attach a photo of the back showing that I have a "digital audio out" coaxial input (I think that is what it is called). Can someone help me find the "parts" I need to purchase in order to hook up headphones? I don't mind if they...
  4. S

    Need help connecting all speakers. Is it possible with adapters?

    I got a new sound bar for Christmas, and wanted to hook it up to an old set of speakers and a receiver that I had. I want to at least hook it all up to my PC, and possibly the bluetooth if it works through all speakers. This is what I have to work with: Vizio Soundbar w/ bluetooth (can't find...