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  1. ddk0014

    Solved! Soundbar, TV box and Chromecast Issue

    Hi ppl. I am trying to connect my Soundbar to work with Android TV box and Chromecast I have currently plugged in Android TV box and Chromecast via HDMI to TV (not HDMI ARC, TV doesn't have ARC or optical inputs/outputs) but unsure how to connect Soundbar Only option I could think of is to use...
  2. T

    How to connect android box to 5.1 home theatre

    How to connect android box (Cubetek CB4KTX2) to 5.1 home theatre (Sony HT-IV300). Please suggest. i am able to connect it with blutooth but i want to connect it with digital port. Below are Product link : android box...
  3. K

    Setting 1080i 50hz on Android TV Box

    Dear everybody, I have got an old Samsung TV which - according to its manual - can display 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p and 1080i, though it hasn't got any HDMI inputs. Luckily it has a YPbPr input. I bought a H96 Pro+ Android TV box and an HDMI to YPbPr converter for this old television. Both of...
  4. N

    Surround Sound from MXQ PRO and Cambridge Azur 540 Problems

    Dear Anybody and Everybody... I have been trying to sort this for months.... Trying to get my android box to play through my 5:1 speaker surround sound system, via amp, and have tried everything (I think) without success. I could really do with a diagram of the wired connections as well as the...