Surround Sound from MXQ PRO and Cambridge Azur 540 Problems


Aug 10, 2016
Dear Anybody and Everybody...
I have been trying to sort this for months....
Trying to get my android box to play through my 5:1 speaker surround sound system, via amp, and have tried everything (I think) without success.
I could really do with a diagram of the wired connections as well as the KODI settings. I have the box currently connected via HDMI to the TV, which only gives me TV speakers sound. When I connect from android box to back of amp, then I get no sound and the android box freezes. I have tried the optical and SPDIF connections, still without success. I have tried all KODI settings also without success. Along with the Amp, there is a Sky Box, CD, and DVD player. Do I need to re-arrange all cables to accommodate this? Driving md nuts...!!!
If Kodi was at fault you would get stereo audio if it was set wrong but not no audio at all. I would say that many of the streams on Kodi are not in surround sound so make sure you have one that is.
The fact that the Android box freezes when you connect it to the receiver leads me to believe that the box is your problem.
When you used the optical audio out did you try to turn that on in the Android box menu?
Does the TV have an optical audio output? Does it pass surround sound? Use it if it does. Connect all your sources to the TV with HDMI. Connect the optical out to the receiver. You may have to turn the optical out on, the TV speakers off, and set the TV to output in surround sound in the TV audio menu.
If not then you could try an HDMI input selector with audio extraction like this one
Hook all your sources to it with HDMI. Hook the HDMI out of the switcher to the TV. Hook the optical or coax digital audio out of the switcher to the receiver.
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