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  1. D

    Windows 7 Aptio Setup Utility 2010 American Megatrends

    I can’t exit my ASUS laptop from the BIOS. They said I just need to launch the CSM but I don’t have one. The only Boot configuration I have are UEFI BOOT and PXE ROM. I also don’t have the option of SECURE BOOT but only I/O INTERFACE SECURITY. Please help me! I badly need my laptop. :(
  2. FrostBite-X Mritz

    Any way to boot by disabling CSM and enabling Fast Boot & Secure Boot after installing Windows on a new drive on ASUS Laptop?

    So I was constantly running into BSODs when I used to run my ASUS X556UF on Windows 10 on its factory-shipped 5400RPM HDD (Seagate Momentus 1TB). I decided to do a SSD-upgrade. Chose a Samsung EVO 250GB. Till date, no BSODs :D However; I had to install Windows and also booting now by disabling...
  3. N

    Asus X751M Notebook Preinstalled Win 8 - Installing Windows 7 (Boot Loop)

    After countless hours researching the solutions to this problem I have come up empty. I think part of the problem here is most people who found a solution aren't stuck with the archaic Aptio Setup Utility. Laptop comes preinstalled with Windows 8. I am attempting to downgrade to Windows 7. I...
  4. P

    ASUS Notebook Aptio Setup Utility problem on first boot

    Hi, I bought an Asus A555LB Notebook with windows 8.1 (http://www.campusshop.nl/zcs-01/80038824/asus-a555lb-dm348h-qwerty/details.aspx). I plugged it an wanted to boot it up, but it sent me directly to the Aptio Utility Setup menu. I have read some posts on these forums, in which people say...
  5. M

    How do you get out of the Aptio Setup Utility menu?

    I am running Windows 7 on a point of sale system, it is American Megarends model. The core version is the Project Version is ITX-A25 Ver:1.0 and the Compliency is UEFI 2.3; PI 1.2. Not sure if you needed all of that, i have been stuck on this utility screen for awhile now, its giving me...