How do you get out of the Aptio Setup Utility menu?


Jan 6, 2015
I am running Windows 7 on a point of sale system, it is American Megarends model. The core version is the Project Version is ITX-A25 Ver:1.0 and the Compliency is UEFI 2.3; PI 1.2. Not sure if you needed all of that, i have been stuck on this utility screen for awhile now, its giving me 6 quick and short beeps when i start up. Not sure how to get out of it, if someone can give me information on how to get out of this Utility screen that would be amazing! Any way will work for me even if i have to reformat the entire computer or somthing along those lines.
6 short beeps typically indicates a motherboard failure of the gate a20 switch preventing the cpu from entering into protected mode and booting up.