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    Solved! Sony Bravia hdmi arc port gives no display?

    Yesterday, I decided to connect my TV to my PC via HDMI, I connected one end of the HDMI port in my tv and connected the other end of the cable into my PC. Now the problem was I didn't connect the HDMI port completely in the PC while the other end of the HDMI was completely plugged in the TV...
  2. K

    archos rotation gaming

    The top to bottom arcade games are not displaying rotation I'm my pad.
  3. S

    Archos 50d Neon Extremely slow

    Hello. I have an Archos 50d Neon Smartphone which was working correctly until it began to display "low disc space" alerts. The problem was solved just by deleting Whatsapp videos every time needed. The phone then went off one day and, when it started again, the phone memory which originaly...
  4. A

    Which one do I chose?

    Hi I'm planning to replace my galaxy gio with a better android. Unfortunatly I can only chose one of the ones below (because of the €€€ and the stores around me). It will have moderate use (around 3-4 hours per day) Basically I have this options: ARCHOS 45 TITANIUM 4.5" BQ AQUARIS 4" ARCHOS 45...
  5. T

    Looking for 13 or 15 inch tablet

    Hi, I'm looking for these sizes tablets, they will be used in Casino/Bingo, with the required bingo games installed. The guests will move tablets from room to room so I need it to be weightless -maybe up to 2kg. So far I've discovered only this model Archos FamilyPad 2...
  6. exfileme

    Archos Offering 9.7" Gingerbread Tablet for $229.99 USD

    Here's a 9.7-inch tablet that costs around $230 if you're looking for something that won't hurt the wallet. Archos Offering 9.7" Gingerbread Tablet for $229.99 USD : Read more
  7. exfileme

    Archos Android "Home Phone" Coming to the U.S.

    Archos is bringing its Android-based "smart" home phone to the States. Archos Android "Home Phone" Coming to the U.S. : Read more
  8. exfileme

    Archos Intros First Sub-$200 Honeycomb Tablet

    Archos is going after Amazon's Kindle Fire with a 7-inch Honeycomb tablet of its own offering features Amazon's tablet severely lacks. Archos Intros First Sub-$200 Honeycomb Tablet : Read more
  9. L

    Can't decide on Tablet

    I was going to pick up the Viewsonic G-Tablet, but now Archos just unveiled their new Honeycomb Tablets that are due to come out in September. Is it worth waiting till then or not?
  10. JMcEntegart

    Archos Unveils $99 'Arnova 7' Android Tablet

    Archos has unveiled a cheap-as-chips Froyo tablet for those that don't care for the $400 price point that most tablets seem to carry these days Archos Unveils $99 'Arnova 7' Android Tablet : Read more
  11. exfileme

    New Archos 70 Tablet Has 250 GB HDD

    Archos announced the 250 GB HDD version of its Achos 70 Internet Tablet. New Archos 70 Tablet Has 250 GB HDD : Read more
  12. exfileme

    Archos Now Shipping Two Android Tablets

    Archos has unleashed two Android tablets poised to take on Apple's iPod Touch and iPad. Archos Now Shipping Two Android Tablets : Read more
  13. DeathAbyss

    Something exploded in my Archos 5.

    For the last few months, I haven't touched my Archos 5 at all. I'm talking about the dark brown/silver version. So today, when my mom asked me if I had a spare music player that I can give her, I decided to give her the Archos 5. However, when I picked it up, I felt a bulge, and apparently...
  14. D

    Archos 5 IMT - Honest opinion needed

    Recently ordered a 250GB Archos 5 IMT (not Android) - I was going to tear it all open and put it on charge before work this morning but I've seen sooo many poor reviews and scaremongering I'm considering sending it all back for a full refund. I was looking for a high capacity replacement for my...
  15. G

    Archos 5 IT (32 GB) Review

    Archos has redesigned their 5-inch Internet player with flash-based memory and an infusion of Google's Android. Let's take a look! Archos 5 IT (32 GB) Review : Read more
  16. JMcEntegart

    Archos Briefly Details Android Cell Phone

    Slowly but surely, the number of Android phones on the market is creeping towards what you'd call a healthy selection. Helping things along is Archos with the Android handset it announced back in February. Archos Briefly Details Android Cell Phone : Read more
  17. G

    Archos Working on Android-based PMP/Phone

    Archos, a company known for its portable media players, will be releasing its Android OS-based Internet Media Tablet sometime in the second half of 2009. Archos Working on Android-based PMP/Phone : Read more
  18. G

    Archos 5 Media Player: Wishlist-Worthy

    The well-designed and seriously attractive Archos 5 media player has a better screen and sound than its predecessor, but should you buy it? Archos 5 Media Player: Wishlist-Worthy : Read more
  19. G

    Archos TV+ 250 GB

    Apple TV isn’t the only way to get digital content: the Archos TV+ makes it easy to record TV for your PMP and stream music and video from your PC. It might be too simple, though - or too complicated. Archos TV+ 250 GB : Read more
  20. G

    CES 2008: Archos introduces TV Wi-Fi DVR

    Archos, best known for its line of portable media players, introduced a new product at CES 2008 called TV+, which combines a traditional digital video recorder with a wireless receiver and media center capability. CES 2008: Archos introduces TV Wi-Fi DVR : Read more
  21. techguy911

    Which one to get itouch or archos 705

    I like video as well as audio but i can't decide which one to get the itouch 16gb archos 705 160gb Thing is itouch has things which i don't like: cons: Battery has to be replaced at factory BIG MINUS 16gb space not much space for videos and music Screen is larger than video ipod but not as...
  22. P

    Archos MP3 player, video recorder is better than iPOD

    There is a much better MP3 player called Archos on the market. It can play video at 320kps and record Divx movies from TV, store photos in JPEG at high resolution too. It is far superior than iPOD in everyway.
  23. G

    Archos Gmini 400

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I just wanted to post to let people know that the Gmini 400 is an excellent digital photo wallet. I waited a while to get one of these and the Archos Gmini400 or Gmini 400 does many things OK but a few things really well. 1) Photo Wallet...
  24. G

    Archos Gmini 400

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Does anyone have any experience with this Digital Media Player? Specifically can it play video recorded from Replay without preprocessing? Thanks
  25. papasmurf

    archos 10gb studio

    what do you guys think of this player? <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> it be cheap and it be big! its on pricewatch for 180 bucks...
  26. P

    Archos or Creative??

    I wish to buy an MP3 Jukebox and I'm between the Archos MP3 Jukebox 10GB and the Nomad Jukebox 10GB. I prefer the archos seeing tha it can be used as a 10GB HDD as well as an MP3 player. I would like to hear what people that have either of the two say.
  27. S

    Best High Capacity MP3 Player?

    Hi there ppl, Wondering if you can help me with some personal and maybe expert advice. I am looking at buying a High Capacity MP3 player, thus probably the: Creative NOMAD Jukebox 20GB OR Archos Jukebox Recorder 20GB (I can find any other in that range) * I like Creative and have always been...
  28. B

    Archos Jukebox

    Anyone have one? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? I'm thinking about getting one. <b>ßunn¥§troker 0wn§ j00!</b>