Solved! Sony Bravia hdmi arc port gives no display?

Jun 16, 2018
Yesterday, I decided to connect my TV to my PC via HDMI, I connected one end of the HDMI port in my tv and connected the other end of the cable into my PC. Now the problem was I didn't connect the HDMI port completely in the PC while the other end of the HDMI was completely plugged in the TV. When I switched on the power plug there were some sparks from the power cable attached to the PC, and also some sparks came out from the HDMI cable, and then I could smell something had burnt. I thought it was the HDMI cable or the HDMI port in the PC because the port wasn't completely attached/fitted in the PC and there some sparks from the HDMI cable as well. But I came to know that the cable is working completely fine as well as the HDMI port of the PC. Do you think that sparks from the HDMI cable could have affected the HDMI port of the TV? Although it is difficult to make sense that the TV port could be affected by the spark IMO, as the HDMI cable was completely fitted in position and the spark should have affected the HDMI port of PC or it could have caused HDMI cable failure to function. Also, if the HDMI port of the TV was burnt, wouldn't it stop supplying current to the HDMI port?

The funny thing is that I have tried to test if there is still current passing through the HDMI port of the tv and there is still current passing through it. In case if it is burnt shouldn't it stop passing through it?

The main problem is I am not getting display from that port.

TV: http://

Manual: http://

If you will check the manual which I have attached the port which I am talking about is on the rear side of the tv and on the manual its mentioned as the HDMI IN 1 or HDMI ARC

Please help me!
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