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    Buying a new phone.

    So I find myself in a position to buy a phone. I currently have a ZTE Axon 7. I've done my research and have settled a few devices. I'm looking for flagship specs but not the flagship price. So I'm currently considering an Asus Zenfone 5Z or Sony Xperia XZ2 both of which I can get for around...
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    ZTE Axon dropped in a water

    Hi, my zte axon recently dropped in a water. I didnt manage to turn it off because after few seconds the phone restarted and then screen got black. I think then it could be turned on because I received notification on my smartband. I started to teardown my phone, I did in after 1.5 hour trying...
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    ZTE Axon 7 (Build A2017GV1.2.0B09) with 400GB Sandisk MicroSD Compatability

    Hi all, I'm planning to buy 400 GB Sandisk Ultra microSD UHS-I Card for my ZTE 7 Axon 7 (Build A2017GV1.2.0B09 - latest version available officially by ZTE in my country). But the microSD card is expensive :ouch: Putting aside the theoretical part, is there anyone who can confirm that this...
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    ZTE Axon 7 a good deal?

    Im looking to buy a new smartphone but im on a low budget. I found the ZTE Axon 7 on gearbest for 265 USD. My issue is, will i ll be able to update it to android 7 or i ll be stuck with android 6? Also does anybody have any other suggestion at that price range?
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    Time to replace ZTE Axon 7 battery?

    My ZTE Axon 7 is 13 months old and today the screen wouldn't come on using the normal methods of finger print scan or using the power button. It continued to play my Stitcher audio though. After plugging in the charging cable the screen did come on a minute or two later. The battery read 87%...
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    My ZTE Mini 7 Axon won't charge, switch on neither show anything and yet it is less than 6 months old

    I bought the phone while in the US from the Best Buy shop in Richmond, VA. It has never had issues until some days ago when it could be detected by my computer, finally it is unable to switch on neither charge, nothing shows not even blinking.
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    Axon 7 safe mode

    I have an axon 7 and the volume down button is jammed, it is very hard to get it to a repair in my country and it does work, it just goes into safe mode! i have tried to push the volume up button, but to no avail. help!