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  1. C

    What happened to my PC?

    My PC is running Windows 7 Pro x64, and it's up to date. It's motherboard is a Biostar T5XE, and I don't know what bios version it had. I downloaded a program called Unified Remote from this site,, and that's when the problems started. First it worked great, then...
  2. L

    6 motherboard audio ports to 5.1 system?

    Hi everyone! :D I have my rig with a Biostar TZ77B motherboard (BIOSTAR link and Newegg link), and it has 6 audio ports on the back. So far I've only used the mic-in and line-out for my 2.1 system, but I'd like to know how, if at all possible, I would be able to hook this up to a 5.1 system...
  3. alaxel


    Yes i am asking if my Biostar TA870+ 5.2 can easily unlock a Phenom II X3 B73? and sorry im a noobie here
  4. O

    Can i use biostar a880gz to unlock the latent cores of phenom ii 560

    can i use biostar a880gz to unlock the latent cores of phenom ii 560
  5. M

    Unlocking fourth core in the athlon II x3 450

    i have a biostar A880G+ mother board but when i unlock the core and the computer reboots i get a hyper transport sync flood error what does this mean and how can i fix it ?
  6. S

    Unlocking Phenom II X2 555 BE with Biostar A880G+

    Hello guys, before i try to unlock my CPU i would like to hear from you first. i also have a few questions with regards to unlocking.. What do you suggest me to do to unlock the extra cores successfully and make it stable? Do i need to change the stock cpu heatsink? If it fails,what measures...
  7. Y

    Unlocking my new x3 440!

    So I've got a BIOSTAR TA785 A2+ and an Athlon x3 440 being mailed to my house so that I can try to unlock the 440. Can anyone confirm if the BIOSTAR TA785 A2+ can unlock cores? There is a Bios available from Biostar for this motherboard that says: "Support F6 unlocKING function". So I just need...
  8. E

    Trying to unlock a 545 callisto

    Hello, I have a biostar TA790GXE 128 mobo. I flashed an updated bios from biostar china and when I enable ACC I can see the 4 cores in the bios but I cannot get past the windows logo when booting up. I have tried lowering HT to 1.6ghz, bumping vcore in increments of .02 all the way up to +.12...
  9. verndewd

    Original biostar wp for biostar users

    made by me no other sizes will be made. Carbon and metal plate patterns by axertion. Full size here
  10. L

    Unlocking 550 BE with Biostar TA790GXE questions

    I just bought a Phenom II 550 BE along with a Biostar TA790GXE mobo. I have been toying with the idea of trying to unlock the CPU and had a couple of questions: 1. Can this mobo be used to unlock it? Looking at it appears to be the case but they don't list what BIOS is...