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  1. unto

    Question macbook pro i9 16". horizontal red flash lines atop firefox on mouse or keyboard sometimes

    This is catalina. 64 gigs of ram. i9 8-core intel. 16 inch. Only with firefox sometimes there are shifting, intermittent, red dashed lines along the very top edge of the firefox app border. This is the AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8gig. It's basically impossible to screenshot. :( What causes this...
  2. M

    Lenovo Edge 15 laptop won't turn on, Power button light blinking white. Battery sealed & cannot access.

    I have a Lenovo Edge 15 laptop, but it won't turn on. The power button LED light is blinking white on and off at about 1 second intervals. No other lights are on including the battery indicator light next to it. This laptop type has the battery sealed away and not immediately accessible. To...
  3. S

    Blinking orange LED on Toshiba Satellite C50-A-1JM

    Hi guys me again just a quick one i was using my laptop this morning and looked that i had 105 charge so i got the charger out and plugged it into the mains and then in to the laptop no charge?so then tried 2 different main plugs still nothing can tell that powers going into the charger but dont...
  4. A

    my lenovo laptop screen is blinking again and again

    why my laptop screen is blinking again and again what should i do please tell me its very irritaing and i think is harmfull too tell me the reason please tell me the solution.
  5. B

    Power Light Blinks. Motherboard LED solid. Prior trouble-shooting done.

    Power Light Blinks. Motherboard LED solid. Prior trouble-shooting done. Hi there. I recently bought a couple new monitors for my ASUS G10 Desktop. There was a problem with my first monitor because of some voltage issues, but I troubleshot my pc hardware prior to finding out the root cause. I...
  6. I

    Laptop screen keeps turning off and on

    Ok, so I've searched through a lot of threads and I could not find an answer to the solution. My laptop screen keeps blinking, turning off and on, all of the functions of the laptop keep running but its just my screen that's bugging me, I feel like I'll get an epilepsy attack, its basically 1...
  7. M

    Toshiba Satellite P30-153 display color problem

    Hello, guis! I have a very big problem with the display of laptop Toshiba Satellite P30-153, that shows colors in a strange way. They are distorted and some of them not in the correct place like the monitor has been seen from an angle. Also, there is a flickering (blinking) of pixels all over...
  8. ViddyD

    Denon AV Receiver keeps shutting off - blinking red light

    My Denon AVR 15-13 5.1 receiver has developed the habit of randomly shutting itself off causing the power light to blink red at an interval of twice a second. I disconnected all the speakers and peripherals, even the subwoofer, but it still keeps shutting off. Sometimes it works perfectly, all...
  9. A

    Acer Aspire 7220: Power button and HDD led indicator keeps blinking

    Hi , I've buyed an Acer Aspire 7220 like 1 year ago and after a recharging(I think) the laptop won't start up... The power button and HDD status indicator keeps blinking simultaneously like 1 second until I remove the battery or the charger... Here's a list with all things that I've tried...(BTW...
  10. 7

    Sony VAIO Laptop S Series Power button flashing

    Please help me, I really need my laptop fixed, since I only got to play it 2 days in a whole summer vacation D: (The day today is now the half of MY summer). Ok, here's what happened. Well, first of all, my laptop was fixed by a problem (not this problem). We changed the motherboard to fix it...