Sony VAIO Laptop S Series Power button flashing


Apr 23, 2013
Please help me, I really need my laptop fixed, since I only got to play it 2 days in a whole summer vacation D: (The day today is now the half of MY summer). Ok, here's what happened. Well, first of all, my laptop was fixed by a problem (not this problem). We changed the motherboard to fix it, and when I had it, I played it, and after about 30 mins, the screen suddenly turned black. The power button flashed smoothly, I mean it's like the brightness of the light on the button is going down and going up... I stared at the black screen, really doomed... As I said, I only had 2 days to play it during my summer (I repeat, the day today is now the half MY summer). I tried turning it on, but it won't turn on. There are no fan noise, nothing, REALLY nothing... No single sound heard from my laptop. (I don't want to talk about just playing my desktop... All I want are answers to fixing my laptop, and I just want to share the worse summer of my life to everybody). I tried doing this thing I saw in one of the forums, "Unplug all devices and AC adaptor and the batter to your laptop. Hold the power button for 30 secs and plug the AC adaptor and try turning the laptop on, then place the battery." but it won't work... Please help me, I beg you for my dear life, to regain this fun summer I should always have (Yes, yes I am a gamer... A really addicted gamer...)

I'm so sorry for it being long, but PLEASE read it, I beg you!
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