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  1. SSGB8

    Question Laptop is not Turning on

    I use a multimeter to take the charger and charger port to see if it getting power. And it is showing that it getting power. But there one thing I noticed that the two pin for charger port is not in properly. Will this cause the motherboard to not receive power?
  2. doantientai94

    Solved! Thinkpad t430 power button turning off and back on by itself when booting

    Hi guys, My laptop (Thinkpad t430) power button is acting so strangely. When I press the power button, it lights up then off immediately, and after about 3 second it starts to boot the system. I recorded a short video of the problem: https://photos.app.goo.gl/iaj9vPyD9NacLSfJ6 I don't know...
  3. L

    Acer Black Screen, Power & charger button on, help

    Hi, I have an Acer R3 471 series. Yesterday, my laptop decided to freeze every time I went to Windows. I went into safe mode, followed video to clean my laptop, restarted the laptop (malware on my laptop), then the entire screen went black (no cursor or anything) However, the power (blue light)...
  4. S

    On button wont work

    So about 1-2 months ago, i spilled chocolate milk on my laptop and the on button wont work. I thought if i left it, it would eventually work but as expected, it didnt. When i charge it, the light still turns on so the laptop still works but the on button wont. I just wanna see if there are any...
  5. H

    Lenovo that doesnt have a fuctional power button wont turn on

    Okay so i have a lenovo b50-80 and can't power it on due to the faulty power button that doesnt work but i always power it on using the novo power button and turn it on normally but one day it just wouldnt turn on, i plugged in the AC adapter and it showed the light indicator that it was green...
  6. A

    Lenova automatic update

    My boss shut off my lenova laptop while it was in an automatic update by closing the computer and now it won't turn on. The power button is flashing white but that's it.
  7. F

    How to turn on a laptop without the power button?

    So my power button isn't working anymore and I need my laptop for schoolwork for 1 more month until I can get a new one. I just need to get it turned on once and I can hybernate it after that. I've seen some people get it on by taking off the keyboard and doing something with the wires. Some...
  8. S

    Problem with power button - has to be pressed multiple times until laptop boots

    Alright guys, prepare for a somewhat lengthy explanation about my problem and what I did before it appeared and why. The Problem: Laptop's power button doesn't wanna work with me. If I shut down the laptop, it takes several presses to turn it on again and most of the time I have to press...
  9. H

    Track a Phone That's Off or Lock a Power Button?

    My brother is 7 going on 8 and he hides my phone. All the time. No one knows why. He hides it and turns it off and he's punished for however long it takes to find the phone. Usually it only takes 2 or 3 days but it's been 2 weeks. I've looked everywhere and I can't find it. I can't track a...
  10. A

    WiFi & Power Button Problems after Disassembling Laptop

    Hi all, I disassembled my Asus N43SL yesterday to clean the fan, reapply the thermal paste, and upgrade the RAM. I followed the disassembly manual here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/96685660/how-to-disassemble-your-n43-series and didn't encounter any major problems during the disassembly and...
  11. 7

    Sony VAIO Laptop S Series Power button flashing

    Please help me, I really need my laptop fixed, since I only got to play it 2 days in a whole summer vacation D: (The day today is now the half of MY summer). Ok, here's what happened. Well, first of all, my laptop was fixed by a problem (not this problem). We changed the motherboard to fix it...