Acer Black Screen, Power & charger button on, help

Mar 31, 2019
I have an Acer R3 471 series. Yesterday, my laptop decided to freeze every time I went to Windows. I went into safe mode, followed video to clean my laptop, restarted the laptop (malware on my laptop), then the entire screen went black (no cursor or anything) However, the power (blue light) and charger (orange light) are still on. Whenever I press the power button I get no response or from the keyboard- even Crtl Alt, Delete. I currently can’t take it anywhere because I just got surgery and can’t drive. ? I thought it would maybe die and I would try to charge it, but it looks exactly the same from yesterday. I also tried to hook it up to an external monitor and it didn’t work.

Anyone have any similar issues or how to go about this? Thank you.
which video did you follow to clean it?

by cleaning you mean software related things?
try booting with the windows install media or recovery DVD/USB

if you opened it up:
check if you reassembled the laptop correctly
especially cooler and fan (connector)
check if the RAM and HDD is inserted properly.

try powering it on without the HDD and if more than one RAM is installed, only with one RAM (exchange the RAM as well)