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  1. kadxprime


    I have laptop which turns 10 next month. I want to change its HDD 500 Gb to SSD . I asked on Sony Support , but they said " its not recommended to do changes with storage as the company has shut down its operations in India " . He didn't bother to explain the technical reason. Is there really...
  2. A

    Question Sony Vaio battery issue

    I have a Vaio VJC141F11X which is a year old. I had problems with it and sent it to Sony for repair under guarantee. When it came back (new screen) it had a problem with the battery - it didn't register the battery status. I sent it back to Sony and got it back again today. Same issue...
  3. L

    Solved! Sony Vaio Laptop shuts down when unplugged.

    I own a Sony Vaio SVF14AC1QL, after about a year of me having it the laptop would turn off immediately when unplugged. The battery said something along the lines of "0%, not charging." I ordered a new battery and changed it out, and now the battery says "70%" but won't go any higher. The bigger...
  4. A

    Laptop is not booting, only blank black screen, i lost my vaio recovery disk

    Laptop is not booting, only blank black screen, i lost my vaio recovery disk how i gain recovery software for my laptop model SVE14A27CXH
  5. M

    Solved! VAIO laptop 1511B1EW boot menu on new hard disk

    I am having problems fixing my mother's VAIO laptop. The original hard drive has finally died. I bought a new one and fitted it in. Now I can't get either USB or DVD to boot in order to install win10 on the new drive. My brother knows how to do this but won't tell me. He's in that rebellious...
  6. L

    Solved! VAIO flip 15. High Specs but games are very slow and keeps lagging.

    I have a laptop with high specs including 12GB Ram, i7-4500U CPU @1.8GHz and SSD as well as a NVidia GT735M. But I cannot run any game properly. It keeps lagging between the game. What should I do?
  7. B

    How do I remove notice to Create Recovery Media for your VAIO PC from my screen? How prevent it from coming up again?

    Periodically my computer screen has a notice on a purple background in the upper right part of the monitor that states "Create Recovery Media for your VAIO PC ...." The only way I have been successful in removing it is to reboot my PC. How can I prevent this message from appearing and when it...
  8. V

    Solved! Recovery Problem Vaio

    Hii all I installed Win 10 in my Vaio and it was on Win 7 when we purchased. After installing Win 10 now the recovery drive is showing 0 Byte and I want to recover it to old Win 7 which was actual win of laptop when we purchased. Please help.
  9. B

    Stuck on bios screen

    My VAIO T Series Ultrabook is stuck on the bios screen . How do I get off this screen. The screen says bios and asks for a password I don't have.
  10. R

    my vaio shuts down asap the power supply is off

    it goes off as soon as the supply is cut. it has been happening for a week now and it does not start until i plug into power supply. please give some suggestion
  11. R

    Sony Vaio stuck at Vaio logo

    Hello there when I am starting my Vaio laptop it's always shows the Vaio logo and not booting up at all . Well I can actually enter into bios and it works fine. I took the laptop to a service center they asked me that it has a graphics related issues!!! Seriously!!!! I want to fix this laptop...
  12. K

    How do you stop letters going all over the Place on a Sony Vaio Laptop

    When I type on this Vaio Laptop, all of a sudden, the letters jump to another, typed LINE or they even jump into some other items already typed. Never had this Problem before
  13. P

    my laptop shuts down when the fan is running at full speed

    my sony vaio laptop had an overheating problem that i fixed by taking out 2 of the fan cables to let it run at full speed, but now when i have a game or to many mozilla firefox tabs open it shuts down like someone unplugged it with no battery in. temp never goes over 50C when it shuts down I...
  14. V

    Solved! VAIO laptop shuts down suddenly and overheats while playing game

    I have a VAIO laptop, and whenever I try to play Fortnite on it, it runs well for 15 minutes or so, following which it suddenly shuts down and is overheated.... Could using a CPU fan solve the problem?
  15. N

    Solved! Laptop only starts after turned off for a long period and it doesn't restart

    Hi, I hope you can help me with my Vaio VPCY15AB laptop problem. I already read the troubleshooting post but i wasn't able to identify the source of the problem. A few weeks ago, my laptop started to freeze or shutting down while I was watching videos. Then, I was able to start it again...
  16. J

    screen going blank

    whenever iam trying to turn on my laptop the screen going blank after showing vaio. model vaio sve15126cnb.
  17. R

    Solved! i didnt know the true model of vaio hk89-modelNA

    there's no model in my laptop and when i try to detect it online the site says unable to detect your model even i use internet explorer
  18. M

    I have a Vaio vpcf13wfx laptop when it is charging, the power is disconnected and the other battery is out of battery and Help

    I have a Vaio vpcf13wfx laptp when is charging, the power is disconnected and connectt. The laptop is out of battery and will not turn on until the power cord is plugged in and it will turn off when it's turned off if I unplug it. Help me please! thank you I even changed the motherboard of this...
  19. B

    format a cd-r in a vaio running vista

    I cant get to the autoplay screen to format a cd-r disc
  20. A

    Solved! VAIO VPCSE Fan noise

    Hi Guys, I have a VAIO VPCSE2C5E, the fan is makes noises when I tilt my laptop without care, looks like the actual fan (rotating part) is just loosened. I opened it a few times and kept all dust out. So, please advice: 1. Shall I get a new fan unit? (with heatsink or without) ? 2. Shall I apply...
  21. W

    My VAIO laptop shut down automatically and make noisy sounds.Won't receive charge and not turning on.

    My VAIO laptop shut down automatically and make noisy sounds.Won't receive charge and not turning on.
  22. B

    CD drive runs continuously

    My vaio model PCG-7184L CD reader runs continuously. Empty drive begins to run at start up and runs continuously. Only way to stop the drive is to open it.
  23. M

    Vaio SVS15 Audio ribbon functionality

    Recently I was cleaning my reliable laptop which is a Vaio svs1512dcxb (a.k.a svs151c1gl) and for my misfortune and lack of attention the audio ribbon cable got stuck in a screw hole and got "chewed", cursing me to a no audio experience while using my laptop since the ribbon actually broke...
  24. S

    Solved! Vaio Z21 Display failures and freeze

    Somehow I got lost with my loved Vaio Z21. Some days everything works fine and suddenly I get a black display with crazy marks on. http:// Does anyone has an idea? It happens directly at boot or also just during working under windows.
  25. D

    Vaio "No OS Availalbe" recovery help

    Hi everyone, My neighbors laptop one day just stopped working, it said "No OS Available" so she brought it over, I checked BIOS and its HDD is priority, checked HDD cables and they are fine, nothings been dropped or opened before. Put everything back together and assist button doesnt work...
  26. M

    Need help with Vaio laptop

    Hi guys, I need help with a problem, I have a vaio vpceb25fg laptop, and when I turn it on, all that happens is it has a black screen with a blinking underscore _. How can I fix it ? It is windows 7 as well.
  27. A

    I have a VAIO laptop which is off line mode

    Hi there, I can't connect to web with my VAIO laptop. How do I switch to online mode please? Device shows connected to internet but not connecting to web. Help please anyone!
  28. L

    Monitor making crackling/Popping noises

    I have a VAIO monitor that for some reason keeps making Crackling/Popping noises. It will even continue when i turn the volume all the way down and wont stop untill i turn my computer off. Can someone pls Help
  29. M

    Solved! Sony vaio turns on but only shows black screen

    My Sony Vaio laptop is fully charged and when I turn it on the Vaio start up screen shows up as always but then it switches to a black screen. I have tried taking the battery out and plugging it in, but it still does not work.
  30. C

    Solved! laptop screen works only while charging please help....

  31. D

    new charger for vaio

    How long does it takes to charge full the battery of sony vaio. I bought new charger and seems to take too long. Around 50% for an hour...
  32. M

    Vaio shutting down with new adapter.

    I've got old vaio vpcs12x9e. About week ago i find out that it's not charging. Led on the adaper was dead so i bought a new one. Today I plug it in, turn on and it shuts down after few secconds. I find down about that solution - remove battery, hold power button for a few seconds etc. It worked...
  33. M

    My laptop keeps shutting down when using gpu..

    My laptop vaio vpcf115fm, gt330m video card, keeps shutting down whenever it uses the gpu. When a run a cpu stress test, its fine. But when i start a gpu stress test, as soon as i hit start, it shuts down. This also happens in watching videos in youtube. In video games, it can launch a menu. But...
  34. S

    Can anybody refurbish this and make it new?Sony USA Vaio windows 1980 PCG9231 Looks like new! Suddenly stopped working. A good

    Sony USA Vaio windows 1980 PCG9231 Looks like new! Suddenly stopped working. A good technician checked it but couldn’t do anything. Not repairable. Can it be refurbished?
  35. K

    Sony vaio VPCEB42fx will not start.

    Recently I dropped my laptop and the first time I opened it it said operating system not found. So I closed it and opened it again and after the vaio logo is just a black screen with backlight. I tied vaio care rescue but it will not start it says "vaio care rescue Is starting " and it's been...
  36. D

    Solved! MY device is VPCEL25EN, if i install Windows 10, then my lapy work properly?

    my laptop model is VPCEL25EN, if i install Windows 10 than my lapy properly work?
  37. A

    Vaio Laptop Cannot launch properly - Need Factory Reset

    Hi, A friend asked me to take a look at her Son Vaio laptop - Model sve14ac11l running Windows 7 Ultimate. Problem is, whenever it turns on, it takes nearly 10 mins to get to the login screen, and even after logging in, the desktop loaded empty, prompting an error that the desktop inside...
  38. L

    laptop really slow but has pretty good specs

    Hi everyone I just formatted my old vaio flip laptop and clean installed windows 10 The laptop specs are: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)i7-4500 CPU @1.80GHz 2.39GHz RAM: 8.00GB System type: 64-bit NVIDIA GeForce GT 735M The problem is that it runs really slow and booting up takes forever. But...
  39. H

    Help! My computer is freezing in safemode

    I have a vaio laptop model svf15nb1gl running windows 8.1. I've only had it for about 2 years. I was experiencing 100% disk space problems and I followed instructions on other threads on this site (turned off windows search, ITS, adjusted the virtual memory, etc.) these things would help...
  40. S

    Solved! Song Vaio Keyboard

    Coffee poured on keyboard. Computer starts but Keys won't work.
  41. L

    Upgrade old VAIO-VGN-TX5XN laptop possible?

    Hi guys, So my mum just asked me whether her old (2007) travel laptop could be brought back to life somehow. It's a VAIO-VGN-TX5XN ( still running on vista, 1 GB RAM, 100 GB HDD, Intel Centrino U1500. It is...
  42. J

    Laptop for Engineering School

    Hello everybody, I am currently a Junior studying engineering and I have been switching between a mid 2010 15" Macbook Pro and a 2010 13" Sony Vaio for the past few years. Both have identical internals (Intel i5-540m and Nvidia GTX 330m w/ 256MB of VRAM) and struggle when it comes to even the...
  43. V

    vaio laptop says model name as "RESERVED"

    After the last motherboard got replaced by sony proffessionals, i just did clean install of windows .. after which the model number appeared to be "reserved".. so that means i cannot install any sony provided drivers directly into the system. please help me with any solution ..
  44. V

    my vaio laptop cant detect dvd`

    the laptop is unable to detect mostly of the dvd and it only detects cd's... 1.i have tried uninstalling the driver. 2. updating the driver 3.that upper class and lower class deleting thing..(these two columns are not there) and i am tired of searching for an answer
  45. S

    Need a charger for my VGN-FW21L

    I have been given a vaio laptop but no charger, I dont want to buy a new one incase it dosent work at all.. but my friend said it does work she just had a new laptop. . Will it charge any other way so I can be sure before purchasing a new charger
  46. N

    problem starting preceptordemonic.dll

    "when i connect the power charging adopter with my vaio laptop when a dialogue box open which is stated that " problem starting preceptordemonic.dll". how can i stop it"
  47. J


    I have a VAIO VPCZ11NGX/X that contains three SSD's configured in RAID 0. One of the drives has failed. Can it be replaced? With what? And, where can I get a replacement? I need to replace one of the SSD's in my Sony VAIO VPCZ11NGX/X, It has 3 128GB SSD's configured in RAID0. They are...
  48. Barty1884

    Thoughts on Sony VAIO keyboard not working after Windows 10 update?

    Hi all, I upgraded a friends laptop to Windows 10 earlier this year, and he came to me last weekend with an issue - the keyboard no longer functions at all, and the touchpad is sluggish too. Anyway, I used a USB wireless keyboard and mouse to navigate though, and established Windows had...
  49. S

    Laptop is not booting, only blank black screen, cant even use vaio recovery

    I have a 4-year old sony vaio windows 8 laptop ( http:// ) It's specifcations have been given and it also has an amd radeon 7550 m/7650 m dedicated graphics card(which has been a pain in the neck recently)http:// I will first tell my laptop's current state and then how it got to that state. My...
  50. R

    Sony Vaio VPCYB35AG does not POST/BOOT

    Yesterday it's battery was low so it's LED was blinking, as I was going home already I long pressed the Power button to turn it off. But upon trying to turn it again, only its LED is now turning on, there is no indicator that the harddisk is active (checked the harddisk and it was fine) as it's...
  51. R

    my laptop is stuck at sony vaio screen i was doing an update to windows 10 and it restarted and now its stuck at vaio screen w

    my laptop is stuck at sony vaio screen .I was doing a windows 10 upgrade and the screen restarted and stuck at vaio scren .What shud i do?
  52. J

    Sony Vaio USB ports only working one at a time

    I have a USB port problem, but it's not the typical one of a given port not working. My laptop has two USB 3.0 ports and they both work - but not at the same time. My computer is five years old (Sony Vaio, Windows 7) and haven't had any problems in the past with the USB ports or using them both...
  53. D

    I am getting a smell of burning from my Vaio Model number PCG-91111m

    Everything appears to be working but I keep getting a smell of burning, suspect that its the fan overheating as the laptop appears to be very hot in that area, scared of taking the back off. Any help appreciated
  54. D

    When I turn my sony laptop vaio on and wait for a while i have nothing but black screen. But i can see my hard drive running a

    When I turn my sony laptop vaio on and wait for a while i have nothing but black screen. But i can see my hard drive running and the power is also on. I have tried removing the battery and plug and hold power for 60seconds. Sad to say it still acted the same "black screen", i can hear the...
  55. X

    VAIO power on issue

    Hi all, I recently had to open up my VAIO VGN-SZ 4MN/B in order to check a sound problem (I teared it apart and replugged the cables). Before putting back the keyboard and the speakers/buttons cover I turned it on to check the sound. No sound, but the computer worked. So I put back the keyboard...
  56. A

    VAIO VGN-NW36F Black Screen.

    Hello guys. i have a vaio laptop as i mentioned above. it worked fine for me around one year ago. yes for a full year i not used it. And now. when i try to turn it on. it turns on but after few second turns-off then after two seconds its turns on with no screen i mean black screen and stays like...
  57. N

    Sony Vaio E series power button flashes and screen stays blank

    Hello! I have a Sony Vaio E series and today I opened it to clean the fan because it was too dusty so I took off the fan unit cleaned it and placed it back then placed everything back and closed it. Now when I tried to tuturthe laptop on the power LED kept flashing green, but the screen stays...
  58. S

    Sony vaio black screen with cursor blinking bootup problem

    Hi guys i need help with this problem. I have sony vaio windows 10. Since last update when i turn on my laptop after vaio logo a black screen with cursor blinking comes up and doesnt move any further. With sonay vaio i dnt think we have the f8 function to go safe mode and restore to earlier...
  59. D

    Computer won't go the main screen. Just say press ctrl, atl, delete to restart.

    Vaio All in one computer orignally was windows 7, but upgraded it to windows 10. My brother have been downloading irrevelant stuff on the computer. While you're trying to use the broswer on there many popup add come up and the computer work very slow. I have resetted the computer once before...
  60. A

    My laptop is not working after the fan cleaning.

    Hi everyone, I would like to ask help for my vaio VPCEA36FA, why is it that after I clean the fan & fix it back my laptop does not turning on. The green light on the power button keeps on flashing yet it does not open the screen. What must be the problem? Please need your advice. I have...