Vaio Laptop Cannot launch properly - Need Factory Reset


Mar 19, 2017

A friend asked me to take a look at her Son Vaio laptop - Model sve14ac11l running Windows 7 Ultimate. Problem is, whenever it turns on, it takes nearly 10 mins to get to the login screen, and even after logging in, the desktop loaded empty, prompting an error that the desktop inside system32 has been removed. The computer does however boot OK and load everything when in Safe Mode. In Safe Mode, I tried to access Vaio Care Rescue Mode to initiate a Factory Reset, but its not present, and I cannot access it via the classice way of F10 once powered ON, as I get the message that it was deleted from the partition after the "Windows Loading File" black screen.

My question is - how can I perform a Factory Reset or format/uninstall/reinstall Windows 7? I do not care about losing the files, I just want to restore everything to factory settings.

What other options do I have to fix this? Replacing Hard Drive? Using External Hard Drive to Boot?

Additional info: System Restore is not available as no restore points have been created. The computer was infected by a virus which prompted my friend to format the disk. This only temporarily fixed the problem.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.