Laptop is not booting, only blank black screen, cant even use vaio recovery

Sep 30, 2016
I have a 4-year old sony vaio windows 8 laptop ( http:// )
It's specifcations have been given and it also has an amd radeon 7550 m/7650 m dedicated graphics card(which has been a pain in the neck recently)http://
I will first tell my laptop's current state and then how it got to that state. My laptop refuses to boot, and when i say that i mean it does not EVEN SHOW THE VAIO LOGO! The screen is absolutely blank and black! by just looking at the screen u would not even be able to say whether its on or not! the only way i know that it is turned on is by looking at its led indicators, all the indicators work fine even the HDD indicator glows! the back light keyboard glows too, but its not booting at all! the cpu fan is working, i can feel it, the keyboard is responsive, if i press a key the back light keyboard glows, but other wise nothing, no video or audio output at ALL! oh and if i press the dvd-rom drive eject button then the drive pops out, as it would normally.the capslock and numlock led lights work as well. now i am clueless as to how to fix it, i have seen various threads but could not find a similar problem, please do not associate this problem with other threads like "operating system not found" and stuff. the screen is simply black and blank.
now let me narrate on how it got to this state.i hope u will bear my long story with patience, i dont want to miss out on any details so i am narrating the complete story oh and i dont have any screenshots to show ofcourse, my laptop aint even booting!. a day ago i was playing a cracked version of bioshock which i downloaded from here ( [pirated software site link removed])
, i doubt that the crack had viruses, its not the first time i have downloaded games from that site and the site is rather popular and i have never experienced any malware in the games from that site. now the crack was sometimes unstable, the game would crash but only like once in 8 hours of playing or so. now after completing a certain level the screen suddenly showed square-shaped colored spots all over! almost the entire screen was covered with them and the game crashed, it has crashed before but never like this! the computer just froze, no keys worked, it stayed in that state only, spots all over the screen, i waited for like 5 mins but nothing happened, so i turned off my battery charger and removed the battery and started the laptop, it booted fine, i opened bioshock again and just after loading my saved game at exactly the moment where i was in-game the game crashed again! in the same manner with spots all over the screen. just like last time i restarted the laptop. i figured that my game's save file has become corrupt so i reinstalled bioshock after getting a copy of a saved game, i loaded the game but the same thing happened! i could not understand why was this happening, i though that maybe i have downloaded a corrupt game file or something but that seemed unreal because the game was working relatively fine till that point. i was confused so i uninstalled bioshock and started to download the files again, i deleted all the game files from my computer , even the iso files and archive files were deleted along with the folder with the save games. so while it was downloading i patiently watched some animes from the net, after i got bored i opened another game called DOTA 2( a rather popular game ) but as soon as the game loaded it had the same colored spots all over! the screen froze on the game menu! the laptop became unresponsive! i had to restart it again! now i was seriously confused , this has never occurred before, i never had any problems with dota, the computer never crashed. i booted the laptop and found the screen now has some horizontal coloured lines! even while it was showing the vaio logo it had those lines! so then i opened google and started researching on this problem, after seeing various threads i ruled out bad graphics card drivers as a possible reason so to test my graphics i downloaded the msi kombustor and tried to run a stress test with 2 gb of vram ( my total vram is 2.1 gb ) and then all the problems started, the laptop literally CRASHED! the screen froze,it developed those spots again and it shut down and attempted to boot again, it showed the vaio logo BUT THIS TIME my screen had strange horizontal colored lines! it could not boot this time and then it started to prepare automatic repair, after diagnosing my pc it said windows could not load correctly and that i should do a system restore,the screen still had those colored lines. i turned off my pc and pressed the assist button , it showed the vaio logo but it still had those horizontal colored lines,i could barely read the logo, i went to vaio rescue from there and then i decided to do a system refresh, i hoped that it would boot my laptop and those lines would disappear, during the entire refresh process it still had those lines on the screen! after refresh was done i attempted to boot it again but it still wasnt booting! the vaio logo appeared and it still had THOSE LINES! now i was panicking and so i used a usb flash drive to boot, it still would not boot and finally i decided that there is something wrong with the booting procedure and so i went to bios settings after pressing assist button and turned on legacy boot, and now my laptop is in this state. could legacy boot be the reason behind it? how do i even revert it to uefi setting if the screen shows nothing!? can my graphics card drivers have some problems? before the booting problems began i went to device manager and saw that my graphics driver has an exclamation mark beside, i tried to update it via device manager but it said the driver is up to date, i went into the driver properties and it showed code 10-device is not starting error, please not that my screen had those lines at this point ( this was before my laptop completely refused to boot) , so i went to the net and manually downloaded the driver and catalyst control center files, i installed them but they took no effect, if i right clicked on y desktop then the right click menu did not even show catalyst control center! so i went to device manager and disabled the driver and then i installed the new drivers again but as soon as the driver was installed the laptop crashed! i booted again and then ran the msi kombustor, i downloaded the physx files required to use the kombustor and installed them and after i used the kombustor my laptop's screen froze, those spots appeared and it crashed and it refused to boot again! i doubt that overheating is the cause, i have an external cooling pad and even while i play games my laptop remains at room temperature, before running the kombustor's stress test the temperature of the cards was 54 C and i think it is well within the limit, i did not feel any uncomfortable heat from the exhaust either, and this problem developed suddenly, the night before all y games were running fine, i could play bioshock and dota 2 at max settings, no drop in fps or crashes at all! but all of a sudden it developed those problems today, i dont think there were any noticeable signs of deterioration of my graphics before. i dont know how to get my laptop to boot, but i atleast want to know the reason behind this, is it because of dust? i examined the cooling pad and it's undersurface had layers of dust, could it be because the game was cracked?i never had such problems with cracked games before, could it be that the bios or windows OS files have become corrupt and how can u even fix that if the laptop is not booting? is it possible the hardware is faulty? how can it become this bad all of a sudden? is it normal for laptop dedicated graphics to suddenly stop working? if the dedicated graphics did not start as the code 10 error suggested then what was wrong with my integrated intel hd 4000 graphics? if the dedicated graphics dont start then shouldnt the integrated graphics take over? one more possible reason could be ANT! a few months ago my brother spilled some orange juice on the monitor and the next day my laptop was infested with ant! dozens of them! i killed any but some must have been left inside, could they cause this problem? i doubt its related to ram because i ran memtest 86 and found no errors( back when it was booting). PLEASE HELP!