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  1. T

    i can't find Universal Serial Bus controllers

    i have a problem with my head set (razer kraken 7.1 v2). they stop working for second and than start working. i found answer but i can't find Universal Serial Bus controllers.
  2. R

    Solved! How to find my one plus 6 using imei number

    I lost my phone near government hospital bus stand near Central railway station..
  3. D

    how to feed the dinosaur

    after getting off bus the dino skeloton
  4. S

    can i get my c9 pro some one has stolen it

    it has been lost in a bus some one has stolen it so how can i get it i have the bill amd ame no
  5. M

    Fortnite Battle Royale – Lucky Landing Map Guide

    Lucky Landing is an oriental town that has a big tree with leaves of pink color located at the center. It is located at the south edge of the map and has big towers and buildings. This is relatively a new area. So to dominate in the lucky landing, follow the tips that are mentioned below...
  6. S

    I lost my iPhone 6s .phone is switched off .help me to find it out

    I lost iPhone in my bag and travailing bus
  7. A

    Vivo v5 plus

  8. D

    looking for a bluetooth speaker under 250$

    hi guys I want to sugest me a bluetooth speaker about 250$ i dont care much about the quality i just want it to be very loud loud enough to fill a school bus with sound
  9. S

    Solved! I lost my Oppo F1s now, I dont have any tracking app. Can I track my phone with the phone number??? Please Help

    Somebody stole my Phone today morning in bus - No tracking App installed. Please give a way to find my phone.
  10. M

    Hp specter 360 malfunction

    Hp specter 360 turns on then boots to black screen that never changes. With the bus wheel constantly moving and nothing happens. Tried factory reset and reset pc but that, is what caused it in the first place to start acting like this, help stuck don't know what to do. Mike
  11. R

    Lost a phone on bus.best way too retrive ohther data.

    I need too figure out how too get data an photos transfer. To new phone I brought yesterday.
  12. P

    Windows 10 Remote Desktop Redirector Bus

    How to disable Remote desktop serices in windows 10, it keeps giving errors on my laptop. Adrienne email address removed by moderator
  13. C

    Help me please

    I need help Could wiping my phone with a cleaner ruin my phone cause I wiped my phone with a disinfecting wipe but It didn't stop working till I got on the bus and I restarted the phone now it won't turn back on help
  14. J

    Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus driver

    I tried to update this driver (Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus) on my computer, but I receive an error every time. It has a yellow exclamation mark by it. I have windows 10 and a Dell Inspiron 15-3521. It shows under "other devices" in my device manager, but should be under "sound...
  15. S

    2 USB ports not working on toshiba satellite C855D-S5305 windows 8.1 64

    Tried everything under the sun: uninstalling all usb serial bus ports, unchecking power saving mode, etc...not sure what happened but it was sudden.
  16. G

    Asus F552MD RAM upgrade.

    Hey I've spent hours goin,g through my laptop/ the net looking for the second ram slot for my asus F552MD the only information i have been able to find just confirms there are 2 slots (no mention of 1 being soldered) but not where the second is. If i run speccy it tells me i have 1 used slot and...
  17. Rabmac

    Missing Driver for Inspiron 3551

    Hi, I have a missing driver for "Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller" on a Dell Inspiron 3551 Laptop. The OS is Windows 7 64 bit. Could someone tell me where I can get the driver as all the ones I have tried so far have not worked. Cheers
  18. L

    Can i upgrade my gpu if it is inserted in a PCI bus? (Laptop)

    My laptop came with 2 GPU's and I want to upgrade at least one of them but im not sure if i can. I dont know if theyre integrated as most GPU's are with laptops but i found that my nvidia gefroce gt 740m GPU is located in PCI Bus 7? My intel hd graphics 4000 is located in something called device...
  19. U

    my latop stolen in bus

    please how to track my laptop that very important to my life
  20. M

    looking for my lost phone

    I lost my hand phone this morning while I am going to work by bus
  21. SkateArc

    Dell Latitude E6330 SM Bus Controller

    Hey Guys, i am trying to find the driver for the sm bus controller i have downloaded and tried the chipset installed it but its still there. is there something else i need?
  22. R

    Mobile theft in Bus

    I lost my phone in bus from Ramagondanahalli to Marathalli. Time : 8:30 PM on 28th May Model : Samsung Galaxy E5 No: 9916****** IMEI : 358271/06/078145/2 and 358272/06/078145/0 email id : Removed by Moderator@yahoo.com Please locate the phone and mail me or call me. It is just one month old phone.
  23. G

    Worth buying used alienware laptop?

    My birthday in 2 months and I can get stuff Basically I want it because its easier to take around when I go to my friends' house, and since my mom more often than not can't drive, so I have to take the bus, and it looks stupid to have a desktop with you on the bus. Whats the worst things than...
  24. S

    My samsung tablet is lost , how can i find it again

    I hv lost it when i was travelling in a bus
  25. K

    How can I find my android phone on my school bus plz help me i am dying without my phone

    Please help me find my phone i am dying HELP i am using my computer i am just 13 years old my parents can't buy me a new phone because they will kill me
  26. V

    i have lost my lava iris 500 so please help me imei no. <REMOVED>

    i am in a bus and i the pickpocket was pick my phone
  27. N

    sir i lost my mobile someone robe my mobile i give a fir in near police station but not responce so please help me my mobile I

    sir i lost my mobile someone robe my mobile i give a fir in near police station but not responce so please help me my mobile phon IMEI no is <REMOVED> ans second IMEI no is : <REMOVED> robe in delhi kashmiri gate matero station local bus stand
  28. O

    Mixer help needed!

    I am lookung into buying the Behringer 802 8 Input 2 Bus Mixer. And i would like to know if I connect a XLR mic to it, and sound from my pc will It split the two sources into two lines. For example The mic is connected on line 1 on the mixer and audio is on line 2, so I select line1for a...
  29. Y

    my phone is teft i dontnow imei no so tell how can find my phone my no is running that phone

    my phone model that china phone my phone yesterday theft from bus so i trace hu teft my phone and
  30. airtonylee

    Satellite A215-S5837 start-up ERROR

    i have the Toshiba Satellite A215-S5837 and now when ever i start my laptop it beeps twice and gives me the message ive wiped the laptop with a fresh os. nothing is plugged in so i have no idea PLZ help. phoenix TrustedCore(tm) NB copyright 1985-2006 Phoenix technologies Ltd. All rights...
  31. SharpHD

    I Need USB Bus Drivers for HP Pavilion 17-e113dx (Win7)

    After getting this laptop i hated windows 8 so i installed windows 7, and installed all the drivers, but cant seem to get USB Bus controller drivers. The one USB 2.0 port works fine, but my other 2 USB 3.0 ports dont. again, this is the e113dx model, and i am currently running Windows 7 ultimate...
  32. H

    How can I determine the speed of my PCI Express slot?

    My laptop Elitebook 8640p has a Express card slot. But i dont know version of this Pci-e slot. Please help me detect version of this PIC-e slot (ver 1.0 or ver 2.0). This is result of PC-wizard ************************** PCI-Express Information : Number of connectors : 1 Bus PCI-Express ...
  33. R

    SM bus controller

    HI... I installed windows 7 on my laptop and now there's a yellow mark on my sm bus controller. I tried updating the driver but it didn't work. So can anyone help me get the driver...Thanks in advance for your help..
  34. Z

    where to find my LG phone IMEI number because i lost my phone on the bus the lost and found department asked me for my IMEI n

    i lost my phone and now they asked me to tell them my IMEI reference.
  35. S

    toshiba satalite c850d SM BUS drivers need

    Hey guys I just bought toshiba satalite c850d laptop and that doesn't came with drivers cd.I installed win 7 ultimate 32 bit (it has only 2gb ram) on it and it took lot of drivers automaticaly.But when I look on device manager in other device it has "SM bus controller" with yellow sign. I...
  36. A

    I lost my phone

    I lost my phone on a bus and my bus driver said she didn't find a phone how can I find out where it is and it is not a smartphone it's a basic phone I need to find it or else I have to use my sister old flip phone please help!!!!!!!!!
  37. H

    Toshiba C855D Satellite SM Bus controller

    I have a toshiba C855D Satellite notebook that originally came with Windows 8 that I had to put Windows 7 on instead. All the drivers have been updated (via help from this website) but I cannot find the SM Bus Controller driver or the USB2.0-CRW driver for Windows 7 64bit. I have looked all...
  38. G

    I lost my android phone on the bus how can i track it

    Hello, I Want To Know How I Can Track My LOst Phone
  39. M

    Free down load pci bus 9 device 4 function 2

  40. S

    Audio device on high definition audio bus download

    Hello, can you help me how to dowlaod Audio on high Definition Audio Bus
  41. S

    Useful app to see Bus Stops times in Valencia City

    Hi If you are in Valencia and you need to take a Bus, I recommend you try this app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.valenbus It tells you the upcoming buses time table, and also gives you the possibility to save your favourite bus stops and to check your bus card...
  42. A

    I lost my mobile how to find it

    Hello, i lost my mobile yesterday on bus now i want it back now.please help me immediately
  43. S

    Lost sm bus controller drivers

    Hello, My Dell inspiron n5110 with Win7 64 bit lost OS,installed reinstallation disc from dell.It now says "SM bus controller driver is not installed". If this driver is available online, does anyone know where to find it and what it is called? Thanks!
  44. vignesh baskaran

    Dell inspiron 5520 drivers windows 7 32bit drivers download

    how to download and install dell inspiron 15r 5520 network controller,sm bus controller,universal serial bus(usb)controller,usb2.0-crw.i am using windows 7 32bit :bounce: :bounce:
  45. G

    SSDs on a bus vs Standard HDD

    Hello, I am planing to buy a samsung series 9 np9000 sometime in the near future. A large concern for me is working on a bus. On my current laptop, the HDD freezes when ever we go over a bump to protect it, i can disable it but i don't want to damage the HD. So my question is, do SSDs work...
  46. T

    Can adding a PCMCIA (Card Bus) substitute for broken usb Ports on an Acer laptop

    Hello, can adding a PCMCIA (Card Bus) substitute for broken usb Ports on an Acer laptop?
  47. L

    External GPU (ViDock)

    Hey, i have a HP Pavilion G6-1325TU Notebook and using PC Wizard (i think) i found out i have 3 pci-e slots Manufacturer : Hewlett-Packard Mainboard : HP 166F Bios : Hewlett-Packard Chipset : Intel HM65 Physical Memory : 2048MB DDR3-SDRAM LPC bus : Yes PCI Bus : Yes Bus PCI-Express : Yes USB Bus...
  48. exfileme

    Macmillan, Penguin Finally Respond to DoJ eBook Lawsuit

    Two publishers accused of eBook price fixing has responded, seemingly throwing Apple under the bus. Macmillan, Penguin Finally Respond to DoJ eBook Lawsuit : Read more
  49. J

    Does the Acer (or similar acer's) 5735 USB ports have their own indivdual bus /c

    Hi, I'm not to tech savvy but I wonder if anyone can help me here. I have the acer 5735 and Im considering buying an audio interface for it. On this laptop will the inerface use its own bus / controller for its opertion so that other usb devices will not interfere with its operation? I may...
  50. R

    city bus simulator

    Hello, Does city bus simulator work on a Toshiba Notebook? [YES or NO]
  51. JMcEntegart

    Man Caught Using Cell Phone Jammer on Bus

    A vigilante with a cell phone jammer. Man Caught Using Cell Phone Jammer on Bus : Read more
  52. A

    My android wont turn on

    Hello, i was going to the bus after school today and i had my phone in my hand but it was also raining. So it did get kind of wet but after i was on the bus, it was working fine and i was also texting. I went home and checked it and it didn't want turn on. I opened it and i cleaned it. then i...
  53. weatherphobia

    HIPS Mode in ESET's NOD32 why? Needed? Slow NET

    HIPS Mode in ESET's NOD32 why? Needed? Slow NET HIPS, do I need it? Is it reason for terrible God awful slow internet lately since updating ESET????? help please..I'm short school bus on this topic for some reason... thanks...
  54. C

    Free audio & sound driver

    high definition audio bus driver
  55. M

    Solved! Internal bus architecture

    since the motheerboard has different types of slots such as PCI, AGP and PCIe I wonder where I would insert a CNR card? I know they are being phased out in favor of the ones on-board but I'm curious. likewise I would like to know the same about PCMCIA cards. thanks again. :bounce:
  56. K

    Net adpater, PCI modem and SM bus controller not working!

    can anyone help me!? please
  57. V

    How to track missed laptop

    my lap top was stolen by some persons in bus,if thers is possibilities to find the laptop
  58. M

    Acer laptop won't boot

    Hi I have an Acer 5100, for the past week everytime that i try to turn it on i receive an error message. AT first my computer would turn on right after the message appear, but now it won't turn on at all. The computer freezes at the loading "Microsoft Corporation" The error message is the...
  59. Marcus Yam

    Vitamin Water Offers USB Charging at Bus Stops

    Would you wait for the next bus if your battery was low? Vitamin Water Offers USB Charging at Bus Stops : Read more
  60. S

    Lost laptop

    Hello, i lost my laptop on a bus terminal- can someone tell me what i can do tolocate it.