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  1. N

    Solved! I want to buy a laptop, these laptops are of the same price, please help me decide which one to buy

    Msi gf65 thin 9sd-890IN (i5 9th gen 1660ti) 512 gb ssd vs g512li-hn059t (i5 10th gen 1650ti) 1tb ssd vs an515-45-r712 ( amd 5600h 1650 256 SSD 1tb hdd) Please tell me which one to buy
  2. V

    Looking for advice

    So, I've been deciding between two BenQ monitors and I'm still stuck on the two, please try to keep the topic related but if anyone has a direct upgrade that remains in the price range of these two monitors please feel free to share. I also want to say this is my first flight into getting a...
  3. G

    Help picking laptop under $850

    Hello, Since you all are experts I wanted to ask you what laptop you thought I should buy under $850. It needs to be touchscreen, 400GB+ SSD or Hybrid is possible, processor over 3 GHz (AMD or Intel), and have Windows 10 (Pro preferably). Main tasks on this laptop would be video editing, word...
  4. E

    Buying own laptop for first time and I don't know what to do

    Hello, I am currently looking for a replacement for my HP g6 that I was given. I have never bought a laptop in my life and to be honest it is very confusing. 1. What is your budget? $1,000 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 14" is ideal, but it really depends on...
  5. C

    Buying new laptop for school

    1. 400-500 USD 2. I want a regular sized laptop, I just need to carry it around and prefer it not be heavy, but I dont want something so small. 3. 1366 x 768 + (I much prefer "1980 x 1080") 4. portable 5. At least 6-7 hrs+ under usage 6. Games? Maybe dota 2 on med/high but dont increase...
  6. S

    Want to buy laptop

    So i want to buy a laptop. I am living in Greece. Its for home using purposes, meaning a little light gaming, a lot of surfing and some word and excel uses. I dont care about the size of it. I am hoping for a 1980x1060 resolution, but its not that important to me. I want it to have 8gb ram...
  7. J

    Looking for a high quality surround sound headset for gaming

    I'm looking for a headset that produces clear sound, deep bass, comfortable, surround sound for games, doesn't need a sound card and most of all, it needs to be under £70. If possible I would also like one that has a retractable or removable mic because I use my blue snowball anyway. If you...
  8. xRayne

    Seeking Laptop w/ External Graphics Enclosure; Razer 14" vs Alienware 15

    Hi all! I'm trying to make a decision on a laptop and so far I've only found two brands that offer me a necessity I would intend to get after the fact; an external graphics enclosure. So basically, I'm trying to find a laptop that would be a desktop-rivalling gaming rig when I'm at home, while...
  9. TheWolfLink

    Aspiring Technical Animator - caught between two laptops

    I am a student studying animation, and I'm pursuing a career as a technical director. I am saving money for a new laptop. I know desktops are better, but I really want the mobility, and I plan to get a desktop later on down the road. I really want a machine that can run games without a problem...
  10. LASERR00

    Is Lenovo G50-45 with A8 AMD any good?

    Hi all, I not not a big fan of laptops in general, but im buying one for my friend. She is gonna use it for just normal use like web surfing, youtube and maybe writing documents for school. So nothing so special and demeaning. So im looking at some low cost laptops for her and i found this one...
  11. D

    Looking for a good budget laptop that can basically do everything from heavy work loads to some gaming

    Basically my laptop broke I need one for college however, I'd like to enjoy myself to some light gaming. I'm not looking for skyrim best setting but something I can have some fun with. Budget 400 dollars
  12. J

    Need help estimating the current value of my gaming laptop!

    I have an old unused gaming laptop that i am looking to sell but i'm not sure how much it would be worth now or where the best place to sell it would be. The only problem with the laptop is a faulty DC Jack that i have been told is a fairly cheap repair. Laptop details are below. Medion...
  13. P

    Looking to buy a companion Laptop for my Desktop Computer.

    Since summer is upon us, I've decided to buy a Laptop to act as a companion unit to my Desktop PC. It's mainly going to be used for presentations involving games, pictures and videos. As well as a way to work on projects while away from home. What I'm looking for: Budget: No more then $500...
  14. F

    14" vs 15.6" Laptop

    Hey guys i'm in a tight situation here where i've narrowed my 2 laptop choices to this and this...
  15. Dominic Mott

    Laptop Buying Tips?

    Hey everyone, I have been wanting to get a laptop for my work for a very long time now. I am in graphic design and I also do concept art and illustration. This being said, this is what my thought is; I need something that has at least Intel i5, a decent Nvidia card, SSD and HDD, and stock 8...
  16. canadianvice

    Questions about TVs and Buying

    Hello, For the longest time my father has had a crappy, burned out Toshiba TV (avoid them like the plague! They've face class action lawsuits over this issue) but unfortunately his TV was outside of the qualifying serial nos. Busts his ass working, and so it's one of the few things he does to...
  17. Z

    Thoughts on this laptop?

    Hello, I recently asked for some input elsewhere regarding what laptop would be good for my needs (going to college soon; browsing, Netflix, occasional gaming, etc.) and I was directed to this one. I was hoping for some additional input or advice. The person who suggested this laptop didn't...
  18. n00b82

    Looking to sell and then buy a new laptop

    Hello all, I have a laptop that I used to use before I built my custom gaming desktop. I was thinking about trying to sell it on ebay or something to try and buy another laptop. The only use for a laptop for me, really, is when i go over to game at one of my friends' houses. So the laptop...
  19. HusseinH

    [SOLVED] Buying a $1200 Gaming Laptop! Final Decision: MSI vs Gigabyte?

    Hey guys! Simple question: which is better? Right now I want to buy the MSI, but what are your thoughts? Both are very pretty and performance is similar if not the same. 3DMark score 0.100 pts better on the Gigabyte. I will be using the laptop for gaming, graphics (Photoshop), and some 3D...
  20. S

    (Yet another) Laptop Buying Assistance Post

    I've been combing through previously asked questions regarding laptops, and I see several of the same things, but its always a choice on 5-6 different laptops (Oh, this is good, so is this, and don't forget that one). I am looking for the best overall bang for my buck, so I thought that I might...
  21. L

    Help me buy a video editing laptop under 500

    Hey guys, my laptop is fine, old but fine, it's a Gateway FX p7805 u, but I recently I started using Sony Vegas to edit videos (and some Photoshop) and it works really hard, so I need a faster machine to edit video. These are the specs. Gateway P-7805u FX Specifications: Windows Vista Home...
  22. hilmart

    Nvidia NVS 5200M and Intel HD 4600. Are these any good?

    I might be on my way to purchase a Dell Latitude E6530 with a Intel Core i7-3720QM CPU and a nVidia NVS 5200M GDDR5 1GB GPU. I've been researching this nvidia card and it's an entry-level business card. Will it be able to support 1080p well when hooked up to a TV while I'm streaming 10-bit...
  23. C

    Finding the perfect laptop for me

    I am CJ, a long time reader but never bothered to post my own problems before as i find between this website and the rest of the internet someone else was bound to have had the same problem and someone has likely found a solution. Well no such look this time around. I am quite experienced and...
  24. K

    Anything better than this for <= $800?

    Is there a laptop that has better gaming power than the MSI CX61 or the Acer Aspire V3 for $800 or less? (No Asus please, bad history with them). Which is better of the two listed? I used to think Acer was a very cheap company, has it changed over the past few years? (exact MSI CX61)...
  25. Y

    Looking for my first HDTV, with the right inputs and low display lag.

    Hello, this is the first time I've ever posted on this message board, and it is also the first time I've had to look into buying a new TV. I'm new to everything, so please bare with me. ^_^; I've been accepted into university, so I'm looking for a small (decent-sized) HDTV for my dorm. I'm...