Aspiring Technical Animator - caught between two laptops

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Jan 3, 2016
I am a student studying animation, and I'm pursuing a career as a technical director. I am saving money for a new laptop. I know desktops are better, but I really want the mobility, and I plan to get a desktop later on down the road.

I really want a machine that can run games without a problem, but I'm only justifying the purchase if I can use it for 3D Rendering and Animation.
Here are the two that I am looking at:




As you can tell, my budget is under $2,000.

Supposedly the MSI is better for the 3D rendering, and has Skylake DDR4 ram, which I've been told uses ram "more effectively" (what does that actually mean?). I've also heard that the Skylake processor is substantially better at encoding. But I've also heard that MSI parts tend not to last as long as ASUS.

The ASUS, on the other hand, has more ram (DDR3 though, significant difference?) and twice as much SSD space, but it is a "gaming" computer, and all I really need is something that can run things like LoL and Minecraft (I don't play FPS games). I've also heard that the GTX card doesn't render as well as the Quadro card in the MSI, true?

I would appreciate additional insight on the matter.

Not open for further replies.