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  1. M

    How to incorporate Fusion 360 file into live video, and use the moving parts?

    I need help on making an advertisement video for a product I have designed and rendered on Fusion 360. It's a desktop organizer for school teachers, and it has moving parts like drawers, flaps, and a tablet screen that slides out of it. I want to shoot the advertisement on camera, and want to...
  2. BashTheOutstanding

    I'm an illustrator and 3D animator - Nvidia gtx 970M or Quadro M1000M?

    I'm a freelance illustrator and 3D animator, and I currently use my Asus ROG laptop with my wacom cintiq to produce work. my laptop specs are: GTX 970m intel core i7 - 4710HQ 2.50 GHz 4 cores 32 GB RAM this works brilliantly for me, but the combined weight of the huge laptop, and heavy...
  3. C

    Planning to buy Laptop for Art

    Hey guys. Need help. I'm getting a laptop for digital art, video editing, and some animation. nothing 3d. price is no problem. think these specs are okay? Asus VM590LB-FI615T - Intel Broadwell Core i5-5200U Ultrabook Processor (2.2-2.7GHz) - 2GB Dedicated nVIDIA GeForce GT 940m - 6GB Total...
  4. J

    College animation/editing laptop? Have a good budget, but already own powerhouse desktop.

    TL;DR below. Heyo, looking for a decent laptop for college. I'm going for an animation major to disappoint my parents, I can't really find any guides that fit my exact situation. I'd like a medium 15" to 13" laptop for animating/modeling in Maya. I also make videos with friends so I edit...
  5. S

    Mobile Video Card (GPU) Comparison Chart?

    Hello, I'm in the market for a laptop for graphic design / motion design / 3d animation and video. Does anyone know of a chart or some type of breakdown showing the differences in power of the common GPUs? For example, I'm having a difficult time telling the true difference between say a GTX...
  6. TheWolfLink

    Aspiring Technical Animator - caught between two laptops

    I am a student studying animation, and I'm pursuing a career as a technical director. I am saving money for a new laptop. I know desktops are better, but I really want the mobility, and I plan to get a desktop later on down the road. I really want a machine that can run games without a problem...
  7. A

    Best budget laptop for graphic artist?

    I'm a graphic artist and I'm looking for the best bang for my buck. My budget is up to $800, willing to go a bit above, but I'd prefer not to. Specs I’m aiming for: 8GB-16 of Ram; DDR2/3* i5 or i7 dual core processor; at least 2ghz SSD or HDSSD hybrid Hard Drive* LED Monitor w/ at least 1920...
  8. BashTheOutstanding

    I need a great laptop for 3D animation and modelling

    Hey! I'm moving to Nigeria in a couple of months, and I was planning on working as a freelance animator and illustrator using maya, 3DS Max, photoshop, manga studio and After Effects over there. To do this, I'd need a pretty decent set up that I can carry around with me, and since the gear...
  9. L

    best laptop for 3d animation / rendering on 3ds max $2100 or less

    I know building my own pc is better than a laptop but for moving issues I need the laptop so, here come the question.. -Which brand would you recommend? -What about the graphics card? gtx or quadro? -what is the difference between gtx 980m 4gb and gtx 970m 8gb? which is better in performance...
  10. T

    Best option for Animation/rendering

    [code]Hey guys, Im practically amateur building laptops I´m currently looking for one that can fit for my school and work for at least until march of 2017 I was looking for options and I found those 2 so I want to know wich one you think is better and if possible, why. Description of what I do...
  11. X

    whats are some good laptops for around 500$ - 600$ to use for maya (animation -rigging)

    ok so right now this is the computer that i have and it runs maya impressively well but ever since the 2015 maya release its been acting buggy (this was also after i was forced to upgrade to windows 8.1 ... ) it would crash after 30 mins of...
  12. J

    Reference scene with Autodesk Maya using Google Drive/DropBox like websites with multiple computer.

    Hello everyone, My team and I are currently working on a school project using Autodesk Maya and we would like to set up a way for all of us to work from home using a reference scene which would update every time someone would save his work after he has modified something. We have tried working...
  13. A

    Animated lyric video making software for slow pc

    I want to make an animated lyric video like this one- I use windows 8 and don't have a graphic card. I've heard about Adobe after effects but it doesn't run on my pc coz it requires a GPU. Is there any software that i can use on my pc to do so? I have...
  14. E

    Cinema 4D Black Screen

    Hey, I'm using Cinema 4D for the first time and i made myself an intro animation with 3d text. Everytime i go to render it, there's either a black screen or only the first frame of the animation. What do i do? Thanks