whats are some good laptops for around 500$ - 600$ to use for maya (animation -rigging)


Mar 21, 2015
ok so right now this is the computer that i have

and it runs maya impressively well but ever since the 2015 maya release its been acting buggy (this was also after i was forced to upgrade to windows 8.1 ... )
it would crash after 30 mins of rigging/ or animating, like after i moved or joint or something on my skinned my model.. modeling and rendering it doesn't seem to do to bad... but im looking for an exceptional upgrade.

things to note im looking more for a laptop due to its portability but im also not against building my own desktop... though from what i read building a computer for this purpose on a 500 -600$ budget is pretty wishful thinking but hey one can dream right .. anyways help would be appreciated

also im looking to avoid macs
any links ro recommended computers/laptops
would be appreciated
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